Curly hair is an extremely familiar hairstyle for women. These hairstyles also add style points, helping them to be more cute and cute. But do you know weave hair curly has many problems? We learn the problems that curly hair is having in the article today.

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Problem 1. Dry hair

Weave hair curly will be harder to hold moisture than weave straight hair. The positive side of curly hair is not faced with greasy hair, but sometimes it gets too dry.

weave hair curly

If you want the condition of dry hair to end, try not to use shampoo at the top of the hair instead of using the conditioner in that area. Shampoo works to clean your hair, but it also makes your hair become more dry and visible
The more moisturized the hair is, the easier it gets into the fold. You should use moisturizing products for hair after shampooing, apply immediately when hair is moisturized like hair conditioner, serum or hair conditioner, hair steaming periodically.

weave hair curly

Depending on the weave hair curly quality, the strength of the hair is chosen to be hot or steamed. Incubation of hair at home can use natural ingredients as well, such as chicken eggs and olive oil.
In order to be effective, the hair masks are recommended by experts as well as many people succeed in using them.
Here you can consult and immediately implement the commonly used formulas and bring you the best results:
Lavender oil helps smooth Remy hair curly weave
Haircare with pure olive oil
Haircare after curling with chicken eggs

Problem 2: Difficult to dry it

For some curly-haired girls, hair drying is not as simple as usual. The end result is a mess of hair instead of sleek wavy hair.
Needing a diffuser to attach to the dryer is a great solution to blow weave hair curly dry without making it messier.

weave hair curly

You can use a towel to dry your hair but you are making it messy. Using a cotton shirt instead of a towel makes your hair dry faster without causing tangles.

Problem 3: Uneven curls

Curly-haired girls know that their hair is "mischievous" it is often messy and not in the same direction
One trick to solving this factor is to make your hair simply twist a few pieces of hair into curling groups when dry. This will help keep your hair tame in its curls.
To format the shape of curls weave hair curly, you can use products such as a hair gel and then brush up the hair to keep the hair from clutter

Problem 4: Curly weave hair tangle

Due to the combination of lazy combing and the mess of curly hair will lead to tangled hair. A solution to all problems is to brush them while washing the wet brush. But this will cause the hair to lose its grip and break due to the wet hair.


Problem 5: Straighten hair 

For weave hair curly, what you need to do is Turn off the straight hair Avoid the effect of hair straightening
If you want curly hair not to lose shape, you should note the following tips:
When combing your hair, use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb instead of using a wave comb to keep the hair in its original shape and into the fold.
Put the comb from the bottom to the top instead of starting from the root when you comb your hair, which will help the curl to retain its natural appearance.
Instead of combing your hair when your hair has dried, use a conditioner and brush your hair as soon as the hair is still wet to limit the breakage and still retain your hair.
When the hair is dried, depending on the type of hair, you should tie the ponytail or bun on the top of the head so that the hair waves are not straightened or lost.

Problem 6: sleep makes hair messy

If you are a regular night bath, you will be disappointed with your bed every morning to wake up. Choosing a silk pillow is a really easy way to keep your weave hair curly under control after a good night's sleep. Hair will be friction on the smooth surface of silk and maintain the natural curl.

weave hair curly

Problem 7: Cut pruning improperly

Sometimes, your first reaction when you see yourself in the mirror after coming out of the hairdresser is " OMG what did they do with my hair ". Instead of sitting there waiting for your hair to be messed up, look for hairdressers that specialize in curly hair - it will help you have your favorite hairstyle and save a lot of time and you don't feel self-conscious to weave hair curly.

weave hair curly

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Hien The Nguyen