Healthy, shiny hair is always a dream for all women, but not everyone knows how to take care of their hair is beautiful and modern. Especially in the summer, the heat and sunshine of the summer make the condition of hair deteriorate, split ends, fibers easily break and damage. So how to protect your Remy weave hair the best way? The article of Vietnam Remy hair below will help you get healthy hair as desired

1.Avoid contacting your Remy weave hair directly with the sun

When going out during the day, there are no sunshades for hair such as hats..., for direct exposure to the sun can cause hair burns, dryness and injury for a long time, not only The hot sun will make the oily skin dirty and uncomfortable.

Avoid contacting your Remy weave hair directly with the sun

 So when you go out to shield your hair, you can also use hair care products that contain SPF to protect the hair from the rays UV damage. Besides, you can apply an extra layer of external hair serum, so that the air humidity will not affect your Remy weave hair

2. Don’t wash weave hair too much

Summer is hot and sudden showers. When the weather is so hot, it is easy to sweat and oil to the hair and when it rains, the humidity rises, it is also difficult to avoid hair tangle. Shampoo a lot is not the right choice when washing your hair regularly, it will lose the amount of oil and moisture that causes hair to become dry. Don’t let wet hair last longer or too many times so you should stop washing your hair continuously, it may be best to wash 2-3 times per week.

3. Shampoo for weave hair properly

 Wash your hair or use shampoo incorrectly, hair problems will become more serious during hot summer days. In the hot summer, you should only use a natural shampoo. This shampoo can help you clean your hair without losing your natural oil.
Don't use hot water to wash your hair in the summer because when using hot water, the amount of water on your hair will evaporate more, causing your hair to become dry, frizzy and hurt your hair's health. You should use cold water to wash your hair. After shampooing, use a soft cloth to wipe your hair and dry it. If possible, let your hair dry naturally.

4.Limit the use of hairdryers

If not really necessary, you should not overdo the dryer to dry your Remy weave hair. Although, hair-drying helps you to make styling easier and flatter, when used much it will cause hair to dry, lose the natural moisture of the hair, leading to split ends and breakage Let your hair dry after shampooing or curling your hair before the fan. If you really can't stand it when you're not using a dryer, you can use a special type of balm that protects you when you blow your hair

Note keep the hair gap and dryer from 20-30 cm and Only about 60-75% should be dried and then dried naturally will limit the possibility of dry, tangled hair.

5.Drink enough water

Hot weather working in Air conditioner makes the hair become dehydrated, causing hair to dry, break and split ends. Moving out of the sun suddenly, causing the temperature to change, the hair will be rough, hard, and easier to break. Don't forget to drink water which is essential to provide moisture to your hair.

With Remy weave hair also needs to be taken care of like natural hair but different is it than they are not provided nutrients from head skin so it is necessary to limit the release of moisture to the hair by applying it to them like coconut oil and oil olive….

6.Have a reasonable diet.

One of the reasons for bad hair is an unreasonable way of hair care. Each hairstyle has a different way of care.

With straight hair, you just need to provide it with a moisturizing spray bottle, but for curly and wavy these hairs are easier to dry than you should apply outside with a layer of varnishes that looks like it will softer

16 inch straight weave hairstyles

Choose product  care suitable help you to have nice weave hair

You can take advantage of natural products at home to care for hair like bananas, aloe, honey, yogurt, olive oil ... to make the extension more smooth.

 With a few notes of Remy weave hair, I hope you find the best hair care in summer. A beautiful hair will help you feel more confident

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Hien The Nguyen