Hair mask becomes a hair product that is not only important for real hair but also for hair extensions. Everyday, your hair has to be in many stress as heating, styling,…and recovery your hair is necessary . Hair mask are the great method to reduce breakage and make your hair stronger. Do you know how hair mask work and effect of them? Let King hair extensions blog explore it!

1. Why we need to use hair mask?

Natural vietnamese hair extensions is also the same as real hair so it also needs take care as you take care your hair.

Hair mask are very good for your hair

It is a next step of hair care. You are washing and conditioning your hair few time a week but it is not enough, your hair need more than that to become healthier. You should spend time to apply hair mask at least once a week. That is really important if your hair have problem as dry, split end,…

2. How many kind of hair mask?

There are so many kind of hair mask, depending on your problem you could choose which one is suitable for you. Some may require daily use, while others are stronger that only can use once or twice a week. Time of using hair mask is also different, it could be 2-3 minutes or up to 15 minutes or higher. It is better if you read the direction carefully.
You can also make hair mask at home, it is easy to make. There are a lot of guide post of how to make DIY hair mask by yogurt, honey, olive oil,…on the internet that you could follow. And all of it use natural material so don’t have bad affect to your own hair.

Some types of D.Y.I hair mask

Some types of D.I.Y hair mask

3. You can sleep in your hair mask

If your hair is very dry, why don’t you try sleeping in a hair mask. Just apply hair mask after you take a shower or apply it to dry hair, after that cover it by a shower towel and go to sleep. Next morning you will have a very beautiful hair, very soft and silk.

4. Shampoo and conditioner after hair mask

You should shampoo and condition on your Vietnamese wigs hair after use mask to make sure there is no product leftover on your hair and keep your hair at its best condition.

Some types of shampoo and conditioner

Some types of shampoo and conditioner

5. Concentrate on the ends of the hair

When you apply hair mask, make sure it was apply in every spot. Using a comb when handling is a good idea. You need to know that end of the hair is the most fragile part, so always focus your mask at it. It also helps your hair grow faster than normal.

6. Applying hair mask doesn’t need a lot of time

As part number 2, there are some kind of hair mask that only need 2-3 minutes to apply. You could do it at every time in a day, but after shower will be better. Or you could do it in sleep to save time. Right after one month you could see the effect of using hair mask. This step is very important for natuaral Vietnamese wavy hair.

Applying hair mask doesn’t need a lot of time

 Applying hair mask doesn’t need a lot of time

Thank you for reading!

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