If you are doing hair business I am sure you have heard about Vietnamese hair at least 1 time. But do you really understand all the characteristics of Vietnamese hair?

I will tell you all my knowledge about Vietnam hair (straight hair and natural wavy Vietnam hair, because these texture is most popular in Vietnam), then you can understand and find good hair in my country.

According to many different types of hair, straight and natural wavy Vietnamese hair has been the top selling hair types. You may think I said that because hair in Vietnam is almost straight hair and wavy hair. It is very few of hair in curly texture. But actually, these 2 hairstyle is easist to change to other style like curly or funmi hair.

What are the characteristics of Vietnamese hair?

For the purpose of this article, asked for the help of a specialist, senior manager of Unilever North America on hair in research and development, Leon-van Gorkom, to help break down and understand more about this particular hairstyle.

Vietnamese hair is natural dark color and a little brown

Vietnamese hair is natural dark color and a little brown

1. A general feature of the straight hair of Vietnam.

According to Gorkom, Vietnamese hair is "straight, with very round and thick strands and high levels of black melanin." It is quite important to know when shopping for new hair color, this means bleach should almost always be involved when dying your hair. One thing to note: "It is difficult to change hair color [of Vietnamese hair] due to high melanin. It requires a professional bleach/developer (persulfate suppressant / 40 vol. Bleach) to reach the desired lift, and sometimes it may have to be done several times, "he added.

2. Other characteristics of Vietnamese hair.

When compared to other countries' hair, Vietnamese hair is always darker and smooth. It is strong enough for you to bleach to any color, even color #60 or #613. That why Vietnamese hair can sell well to almost market, from East Westen to Europe, USA, Canada,...

Raw Vietnamese hair is so beautiful because Vietnamese women prefer natural color and style of hair. They focus on the silk of hair, strong of hair when take care.

Vietnamese hair has different characteristics comparing with Indian or Chinese hair

Vietnamese hair has different characteristics comparing with Indian or Chinese hair

3. The best way to take care of Vietnamese hair.

Knowing the general makeup of Vietnamese hair can definitely help us make informed decisions about our hair style and hair color. Mostly, it affects our daily hair care habits. Knowing that this thicker hair can motivate us towards products with more moisturizing or obscuring benefits, as well as clarifying agents, because scum can make the hair feel softer and heavier. Gorkom also suggests less frequent use of colors, so we avoid less damage to the strands. Remember to frequent conditions and layoffs over than bleaching.

That's some main points about Vietnamese hair. Do you like it?

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Hope my article on King Hair Blog is useful for you to understand more about Vietnamese hair.

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