Do you like real human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions?

Do you like real human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions?

There are two types of hair extensions on the market: Real human hair extensions and Sythetic hair extensions. Depend on your budget and purpose, each kind will have it own advantages. Today, King Hair Extensions Blog will give you some suggestion so you can easier to choose which one is good for you.

What is hair extensions used for?

Hair extensions appear very early in human history, in Acient Egypt. It was created in purpose helping people who got hair problem, after that it also using as a beauty accessory for woman. You can easy using it to increase hair volume, make other hair style or dye hair without influence to your real hair. Today, hair extension become indispensable, especially black woman. On average, one black woman could have 3 set of hair extension for using. 

Hair extension history

Hair extensions appear very early in history

Difference between real human hair extensions and sythetic hair

1. Material

Real Vietnam human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are made out of real human hair from top to bottom, collected from a donor. Remy hair means all the cuticles are intact, running in the same direction at the time of collection. This allows for almost no tangling and ensures that the cuticles flow in the same direction from root to tip.
On the other hand, synthetic hair is made out of various synthetic, blended fibres, and contains no human hair. These fibres are usually very fine, plastic fibres that are manufactured to imitate real hair.

Human hair and synthetic fiber hair

Human hair vs Sythetic fiber hair


2. Price

Sythetic hair is very cheap and real human hair extension is more expensive. The main factor make different in price is the scarcity of raw materials. As you know, your hair need a lot of time to get longer a few inch. That why it is more expensive. But because it is real human hair, so it deserves what you pay for. Real human hair extensions just like your real hair, natural look, long lasting as long as you know how to take care for it.

King hair extension is 100% real human hair

King hair extension is 100% real human hair

3. Coloring and Styling

With synthetic hair, you cannot colour the hair as most dyes contain ammonia or bleach which would simply destroy the synthetic hair. Additionally, you cannot style synthetic hair the same way as your real hair because the heat can damage them. So you can’t use things like curling irons, straighteners or a blow dryer on synthetic hair as it will melt/severely damage them. Other factors such as sun, friction or harsh hair products can also damage synthetic hair extensions. Real hair extensions on the other hand can be treated just like your own hair – there are no limits! You can buy straight remy hair extensions then colour & style them any way you like.

Hair styles from King hair extensions

There are many hair style you can do with hair extensions

4. Hair extensions supplier

With sythetic hair extension, you can buy easy in retail hair product store. Because its price is very cheap so you no need to take care too much, only consider about color and style. But with real human hair extensions, you should choose a famous brand to make sure get high quality hair. Some famous countries about hair are Brazil, Peru, Vietnam, India,...Each country, hair will have different characteristic. With Vietnamese hair extension, the hair will be very soft and silk, shinning, no shedding or tangle. The hair can last at least 3 years. King hair extensions proud to be Vietnamese cheap hair extension supplier but still keep high quality hair, 100% remy hair.If you start selling virgin hair , You don't know about hair extensions yet . You can contact us to get more advice if you want to look beautiful but still wonder about hair extensions.

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