Using natural hair extensions as the beauty hair tool has become popular in some recent year with a large number of users and requirements. Users always interested in the best hair extensions products which meet their requirement and bring them the beautiful effect in changing their looks. Besides, quality of the hair extensions is the important point that almost users concern. Then it is necessary to take care of your natural hair extensions to bring the best condition for human hair extensions product.

Washing Hair Extensions

The first noticeable when taking care of your hair extensions is washing. Even washing is considered as the normal taking care actions, it can make the bad effect in case you wash your hair, especially your hair extensions in incorrect ways. If you add natural hair extensions as Vietnam hair extensions products which designed from 100% virgin human hair, the way in washing require less complicated than another kind of hair extensions. The reason is that you can treat the natural hair extensions as your existing hair. The key point in the wash is that you should wash your hair up to 3 times per week, and wash gently.

washing hair extensions

How to washing your hair extensions

Moisture Your Hair Using Natural Product

Besides, providing moisture for your hair as using natural hair products can bring natural oil to your hair. Using conditioner is suggested for your hair extensions and your owned hair. However, apply conditioner without the hair only, except for the scalp.
The next point in maintaining human natural hair extensions in a longer time is drying. It is suggested to let your hair dry naturally. In case you add natural hair extensions directly in your own hair, you can leave your hair dry in a natural way. Because human hair extensions as Vietnam hair extensions products having the same characteristics with your existing hair. Besides, with some hair extensions products as clip-in hair extensions, it is necessary to get the hair extensions totally dry before applying to your hair.
The hair extensions can get damages as your own hair. If you apply hair treatment to your hair in the hair salon as color or dying, your natural hair extensions cannot last for the longest time as you expect. Therefore, even you can apply other beauty hair tools after applying for hair extensions; you should minimize the heat influence to your hair. It is better to get away from other heat treatment or hard hair treatment.


Hair oils

Natural herb is very good for your hair extension

Other advantages

Another consideration for users who apply natural hair extensions is about storage. Apart from hair extensions added directly in your hair, clip-in hair extensions need to be stored if you not using. Hair extensions need to keep in suitable conditions places such as not much wet or much dry. The situation should be clean and do not affect directly by the sun. Make sure that you keep your natural hair extensions clean and tidy before storage. With the proper keeping, your hair extensions will have the best quality and create effective beauty looks for users.

King hair extension - natural wavy hair

16 inch wavy virgin hair extensions - wavy hair super double drawn

To get the highest beauty effect from using hair extensions, it is necessary to get your hair in the best conditions. There are some tips for keeping the hair extensions that you can use them for the longest time that people should consider when they apply for hair extensions.

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 Written by Eric

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