Nigeria is a big hair market in Africa with a lot of products from synthetic and real human hair, from wigs to weaving,...With more suppliers from abroad, the price becomes really competitive. Much foreign hair company like Vietnam, China, India,...have started to participate in this market and become new source of cheap human hair extensions in Nigeria. Today, King Hair Blog want to introduce to you this chance to get the best remy virgin hair extensions with the affordable price right in Nigeria.

Online Hair Market

Today, with the development of technology, purchasing goods between countries has become simpler than ever. With just a few clicks, you can buy a pair of clothes or shoes away from you halfway around the world. This has facilitated the shift of markets with each kind of commodities. The hair market has expanded around the world with many major suppliers such as Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, etc. Each type of hair will have different advantages. In Nigeria, when Chinese hair becomes more saturated, people desire to find other sources of hair that is cheap but still in good quality. It is a big chance for every Vietnamese hair supplier like King Hair Extensions company. We are selling online cheap human hair extensions in Nigeria. With the strength of natural virgin Remy hair, we already have a lot of loyal customers in Nigeria. So what makes vietnamese hair extensions different with other hair in the market?

Nigeria girl is beautiful with hair extensions

Nigeria girl is beautiful with hair extensions

Vietnamese Hair

 Just developed in a few years ago, Vietnamese hair was selling to many countries in the world as the USA, Europe and special in Africa. In Vietnamese culture, hair is very important with each person's look. Vietnamese women take care of their hair very carefully, they only using the natural herb to wash their hair. That makes hair become more strong and keep it natural beauty. All hair collected to make hair extensions is Remy hair, unprocessed hair. We keep it in natural texture straight and naturally wavy. Even with steam hair, we also limit the chemical to avoid the bad effect to your hair health. Our hair was selling to many markets in the world and satisfy their demand, that why it could sell well in Nigeria.

Just like Nigeria women, Vietnamese women also love their hair

Just like Nigeria women, Vietnamese women also love their hair

Cheap Human Hair Extensions In Nigeria

With that big demand for hair in Nigeria, people want to find a new source of cheap human hair is understandable. Nigerian women love the hair, they appreciate real human hair extension more than synthetic hair. They are willing to spend a lot of money for hair extension as long as it is deserved with hair quality. Understand that, King Hair never stop spread supply chain and improve technology to decrease cost and supply in competitive price. We supply many kind of hair: bulk hair, weft hair extension, lace closure, and frontal,...You could choose for yourself natural texture like straight super double drawn hair or natural wavy from 8 to 32 inch. Or you also can choose other texture made by steam like deep wavy, curly hair, funmi hair,...Each style will bring you a different look and feelings.

straight hair extension vs deep wavy hair extensions

24 inch deep wavy hair extensions vs 24 inch straight hair super double drawn 

With a big network, we can supply to any place in the world. The shipping fee from Vietnam to Nigeria is very cheap, only $20 for first kg and $3 for each kilogram more. The order process is very easy, you can order online at your home. We will make hair then send it to you, you can get that cheap human hair extensions in Nigeria after a few days. Very easy!

Remember: Be a smart customer

Not only when you buy hair from King Hair Extensions when you try a new source of hair, you need to find out all information about supplier: name, address, product, policy, customer service,...then compare to make your decision. Always be a smart customer when buying anything online. For example, you like 18 inch curly hair in super double you can ask for at least top 5 hair supplier. After check price, don't forget to check out all reviews from customer who already buy it. Then compare between price and review if it acceptable. Asking for how to order and policy is also realy important. That can help you if any trouble happen.

In conclusion, there is a new chance for people when selling hair online develop, more suppliers, more competitive prices. But you have to consider carefully when making any choice.

Written by Eric 

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