How to choose a hairstyle extension that matches the face shape

How to choose a hairstyle extension that matches the face shape

Choose the right hair to help you conceal your blemishes while highlighting the natural beauty on your face. But how to have beautiful hairstyle extensions that fit your face? This is the question that many girls have a headache. This article will help you choose the type of hair that suits your face

First, you need to determine how your face looks to choose the right hairstyle

1 If you own a long face

Because your face is longer than the width, the goal is to give you the illusion of a more plump cheekbone, making your face look shorter and rounder. With sharp chin features, this hairstyle looks older than you age. Choose the right hairstyle for the long face is not difficult if you know the following tips:

1.1 Hair bob curly light flat roof

Short bob hair can still cover the blemishes on your face. The most suitable bob hairstyle with a long face is a shoulder-length curly or a chin-length hair, which should not be shorter.
The curly-haired bob is not only the girls but also the Korean stars who love, this hair makes the young and fashionable. A light frizzy bob and flat bang also have many styles to choose from, be assured of your perfect looks with this beautiful hairstyle.

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1.2the long wavy hair  has a middle part

The wavy hairstyle is very suitable for those with a thin face and a long face, light curls flipping on the shoulders to help you conceal your cheeks, making your face look fuller.

1.3 Hair stretching for long face

The puffed-out hair brings a fresh, youthful feeling but equally feminine. For those with a long thin face, puffed-up hairstyles combined with the cross-roofs or thin roofs will bring a gentle beauty personality. If you do not want to create frizzy hairstyles, stretching your hairstyle is the logical choice for girls who still wonder what kind of hairstyle they are.

2 Oval shape

  It can be said that this is a perfect face that can fit any hairstyle. However, you should not choose a hairstyle that is too short to lose the inherent advantages of the face. Let's take a look at some of the following hairstyles to have a shining hairstyle with an oval face:

2.1 Curly curly hair

Many stars have to "bewitch" with this hairstyle. Sexy hair will deftly show off the beautiful lines of the oval face, slightly tangled boho curly hair that makes you attracted to the wild but still feminine features.

2.2 Long hair turns out

With girls have oval faces with long hair then why not apply the hair to turn the middle of the simple but equally attractive right? This hairstyle will make you look very romantic if combined with curling waves.

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2.3 Pretty shoulder hairstyle

Shoulder short hair is also a great choice for girls with oval faces. You can combine with bangs like cross-roof, thin roof ... to create a very unique beauty.

3.Round face

The widest round face with a width of equal length. To make your face look more elegant, slimmer you should " make a friend " with long hair. Especially the long hair is cleverly trimmed into many layers, or the hair curling the soft tail waves embracing the face will make the face feel longer and more balanced.

4 Choose the hairstyle that suits the square face

The disadvantage of a square face is that the length of the forehead is nearly as long as that of the jaw bone. To overcome this disadvantage, you should let the hairstyle embrace the jaw bone to help the face slim and less rough

 4.1 Short curly wavy hair

Short hair seemed to be only for girls who had a personality, but this kind of curls would both conceal their flaws and make her face much softer.

4.2 Bob's hair with a shoulder-width

It must be recognized that bob hair is never outdated, it is suitable for all faces including the square face. With this hairstyle can to middle part hair or leave the roof thin

 4.3 Long curly wavy hairstyle

The advantage of wavy curly hair is that you can leave it naturally so that it partially covers the contours of the face. Hairstyle creates a serenity for the face. For this hair to be really perfect, you should combine it with the cross roof or a turn.

A beautiful hairstyle not only helps you become more beautiful and sharpen your face but also makes you a lot more confident when facing people around. Hopefully, after this article, we help you choose the hair tomorrow that fits your face better

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