I recommend always washing your human hair straight weave before installing. This should be done to ensure clean hair is always smooth. But did you know how to properly wash the extension? In this article, we will show you the steps to properly clean the extension.

I like to wash my straight weave hairstyles. Washing is cleaning your hair with a moisturizer without using a shampoo. Conditioner to help smooth hair and nourish hair to provide moisture to the hair

The first step to washing your human hair straight weave is to mix half a cup of warm water with a scoop of shampoo and then gently to create a foam. Because of the floating bubbles, the "clouds" act as an ion magnet, attracting dust and excess oil (ions).
We recommend using a shampoo designed specifically for dry hair, as this will help nourish, and nourish your hair extensions. Pouring shampoo on your hair is completely wrong, it will affect your hair badly.

To prevent breakage, before inserting the hair extensions into the water, remove them by brushing your hair with a wide-toothed comb to remove the knots between the hairs

human hair straight weave

If you soak the extension into the water before combing it, it can lead to knots that are difficult to remove and become worse, some of which may not be removed without using scissors to remove them. To avoid this mess, a comb can be used to gently separate the fibers starting from the ends of the hair, the easiest place to tangle and gradually move to the top of the extension. Starting from the tops is a way to break down unnecessary tangles.
Now, How to wash your human hair straight weave: gently put the extension into the water and gently clean it for no more than ten minutes. Do not rub or rub your hair because this will only make tangled hair extensions!

human hair straight weave


After washing the human hair straight weave, remove them from the water and rinse them under cold running water, keeping the extension at the end of the weft from the root to the tip. Leaving water flowing through them will help flush out the shampoo for your hair extensions

human hair straight weave

After the hair is clean, you can use a conditioner to increase moisture, making hair smooth. How to apply conditioner is similar to using shampoo. Fold the hair extensions woven into a clean towel and leave them for an hour before rinsing the product. Rinse your head with cold water for 1-2 minutes. Depending on the type of hair you should use the appropriate amount of conditioner. With human hair straight weave, we often use conditioner such as Osmo Berber Oil Argan Oil Treatment to moisturize
After you wash for the extension, gently squeeze the water on the hair before putting them in a dry cotton towel. Dry them in the most natural way to limit the use of hair dryers. The heat of the dryer will make your hair become drier.
Finally, brush or brush through your human hair straight weave when dry (remember, you must always brush the extensions that work from the top-up but don't brush them when wet because your hair is in the state To provide adequate moisture to your hair, use moisturizer for your hair, moisturize your hair to make it even smoother. We recommend the use of all types of essential oils from nature

human hair straight weave

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16 inch weave length straight

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Thank you for reading our article on this kiss day. Hopefully, the information I bring can help everyone.


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