Currently, on the market, there are many types of weft weave hair extensions that make you confused so you do not know which hairstyle to choose. Blog King hair will provide more useful information about weft hair. Let's go!

Did you know weft weave hair extensions? Did you know weft weave hair extensions?weft weave hair extensions

1. Did you know weft weave hair extensions?

Weft hair extensions are one of the sewn hair extensions together. It can be made from a variety of sources of different raw materials such as synthetic fibers, human hair or silicon-coated human hair. To using the longest hair, each company can choose different styles of sewing or glue.

2. Classification

Weft weave hair extensions have 2 types of machine weft and hand-tied weft

  Machine weft: means hair fibers are stitched together by machine. Machine weft hair is the most popular weft hair to use, especially for wig in hair extensions. It allows hair to be stitched together, in the same direction so it looks very natural extension. The machine weft is also the highest quality of wefts because of its versatility, you can cut and style the hair to blend with your natural curls, without disturbing weft's condition.

  Hand-tied Weft Hair is a high-quality handmade product of workers who make Weft products. Used by hand to create weft lines. Hand-tied weft hair cannot be cut. They come with small bundles, each with your head size, if you need to change the size, you have to fold it

3. How to use weft hair

People often use weft hair for different purposes depending on the preferences of each person. To make a wig you need to use 3-4 bundles. In addition, weft weave hair extensions are used to change the appearance of hair by adding hair weaving into their natural hair. A needle is used to sew hairpieces into pigtails together

The benefits of weaving hair are that they help the hair grow longer, increase the thickness of the hair along with volume and do not use any chemicals or adhesives. Weaving hair also gives women the flexibility to change their hair color and style without having to dye it or use styling machines. Hair weaving is a great way to rest your natural hair!

With weft weave hair extensions, you don't have to be too fussy about taking care. Especially when you buy a hairstyle that you like, you don't have to headache to think about which hairstyle to choose and which doesn't harm your hair. You can try different colors, using different weaves without risking your natural hair. You can try different textures. Women with straight hair can wear curly hairstyles and curly-haired women can try straight hairstyles.

weft weave hair extensions

12-inch straight weave hairstyles

4. Features of weft hair yarn come from our company

In addition to the benefits, weft weave hair extensions also have the disadvantage of a weave if you choose too tight hair that will make your head feel uncomfortable and affect your natural hair.

-weft weave hair extensions made from natural virgin hair - 100% Remy Vietnam hair is collected from women in rural and mountainous Vietnam. We do it from Ponytail hair extensions. Our textile products are according to customers' requirements by long-time skilled workers. I guarantee King hair extensions  will meet standards you give
Hair weaving line.
With tight seams aligned, you don't have to worry about peeling or tangling even if you brush or wash them
Length: Short or long weaving lines will depend on the hairstyle of the extension
Type of weave hair.
 Currently, our company has many style different weaving like straight, wavy and curly hair, funmi hair for you to choose. Because our weft weave hair extensions are 100% natural human hair, its common point is very smooth without worrying about tangles, so you can handle chemicals, change colors, bleach without damaging Natural hair quality.

 weave hairstyles

Color of hair weaving
With 3 natural colors, black, dark brown and gray, in addition to the characteristics of hair from us you can freely change the color of the hair just need to take care of it a little bit.
Blonde color: We have not used silicon or synthetic in the process of creating blond hair and keep the best quality hair after bleaching so you can change the yellow to any color or up and down color with the color perfect
Coming to our hair company with many years of experience, we always try to create the highest quality standard to meet all requirements of customers. Anyone can visit our website here to see all the products weft weave hair extensions we have.

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