Have you ever thought about selling human hair extensions in Nigeria? If yes I’m sure you are wondering how to start your business, right? With over 3 years of experience in selling vietnam remy hair extensions online worldwide, we have some following suggestions that you can refer.

  • Where is the source of human hair extensions?

  •  If you do not have a large budget, experience or technology in the hair industry, you will hardly build a small business by creating your own product. But there is another way that you can buy hair in high quantity with good price or find good remy hair extensions supplier in other countries and sell in Nigeria. There are many countries where you can buy remy hair extensions with good prices like Vietnam, China, India, ... But you must carefully when choosing good suppliers before you start. Note some points below, it may help you some way.

    • Each country has different hair characteristics, you need to find out in detail and make sure that kind of human hair extensions can sell well in Nigeria
    • Find as much information about the suppliers as possible, especially the supplier's policies.
    • View customer reviews about that supplier and their products
    • Purchasing a hair sample to test quality is necessary
    • Have at least 3 closed hair extensions supplier in case you need

    Vietnam - India - China: Each kind of hair has different characteristic

    Vietnam - India - China: Each kind of hair has different characteristic


    Where you can sell human hair extensions in Nigeria?

     Once you have your product, how do you plan to sell it in your country? Today, e-commerce is booming, online sales become a money-making industry if you really understand. There are many channels to sell human hair extensions in Nigeria. Each channel has its advantages and disadvantages. You can refer to the guide below:

    • Social networks: Social networking is becoming more popular in Nigeria. You have a lot of opportunities to reach out to other users. But that is important to identify the right audience for yourself as well as implement effective marketing strategies to build your brand.
    • E-commerce site: There are a lot of big companies that open trading platforms for users like Jumia, Konga, Kaymu, etc. You can buy booths there to promote your hair extensions. The traffic to these websites is huge, so it is important that you improve your after-sales service to retain customers.
    • Website: This is a good form if you intend to invest long term. If you do well in making content and SEO, you can have a stable and free customer traffic. However, the initial investment cost will be very high and take time to build.
    • Paid Advertising: Paid channels like Facebook ads, google ads, etc. are very handy if you want to make short-term investments.

    E-commerce has a big jump in fews recent years

    E-commerce has a big jump in fews recent years

    Build customer trust to grow your market share

    The demand for human hair extensions in Nigeria is huge, so many people are selling their products online. It is difficult for consumers to distinguish which one is good or bad. Therefore, we need to create trust in customers by:

    • Provide useful content to users such as hair care instructions, hair extension maintain, how to use hair extensions,...
    • Good customer care policy: Quality assurance and willingness to support customers will make them believe in your brand.
    • Adding customer reviews: After doing well in customer care, you will receive good reviews, so try to show these reviews to new customers to build trust.
    • Competitive research: this is really important for you to set out strategies and policies accordingly.

      King Hair Extensions youtube channel

      Youtube is the official channel to introduce and review the product

      Three suggestions above will help you understand basic about how online hair business works and you can make for yourself a basic plan for selling human hair extensions in Nigeria. There is a lot of things you need to prepare but this one can help you a lot. If you have any questions, you can contact directly to us to get advice. Or if you are finding hair supplier in Vietnam you can refer our product: weft straight hair, wavy super double, steam curly, funmi Vietnam remy hair, lace closure, frontal,... Check out our website: for more information!


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