You often use hair extensions, have you ever want to know how men think about using hair extensions? Actually, you do not need to care about that, because every women want to be beautiful. But what man think about your hair is really curious, isn’t it? Let's King Hair Extensions give you answer for this question by short servey with Nigerian men.

We conducted a survey of about 200 Nigerian men, working in a variety of industries and sectors. And here are some main point about their thoughts:

Using hair extensions for beauty is a good thing

Most men understand that beauty is a necessity for women, they respect that. Using hair extensions in their eyes is just like skin care, make-up,... They all want their women to be beautiful and the important thing is beauty help their women feel happy. Many men even confessed they could not even distinguish if a Nigerian woman using hair extensions or not. It seems they do not care too much about the details, they pay more attention to the whole look.

Hair extensions is becoming popular

This opinion is easy to understand because it is a trend in Nigeria at the moment. More and more hair suppliers attend to this market, both local suppliers or abroad companies. The increase in competition in the market makes prices cheaper. Almost every Nigerian woman owns a couple of sets of hair extensions. Many men believe that the business opportunity in this hair industry is huge. Even many people have succeeded with it.


They like natural hair look

Of course, everyone loves nature, including hair extensions. Hair extensions is made of human hair always combine with your real hair better to create a natural look. It is not like synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair extensions look hard and unnatural when moving, it will ruin all your hairstyle.

The opposite opinion

While most agree with the using hair extensions of women, there are still some arguments that the use of splicing is necessary but depending on the financial situation of the family. Many Nigerian women spend too much on beauty but their budgets are limited, make other expenditures limited.

What is the King Hair Extensions Blog’s opinion?

After the survey, King Hair found that using hair extensions is a natural trend. And there is nothing wrong when a woman wants to be beautiful. With an online selling virgin hair wholesale to the Nigerian market, we have never stopped improving our technology and quality to provide Nigerian women the cheap human hair extensions with the best quality.

There are many types of hair you can choose from when coming to King Hair Extensions like weft hair extensions, closure and frontal, bulk,...

King hair extensions products

King Hair Extensions Collection:Weft hair extensions - Raw Vietnam Hair closure - Human hair frontal

 You can order in many size from 8-32 inch and in many color to apply to your hair. Like 14 inch Vietnam Hair Straight Lace Closure 7x4 and some weft bundles 16 inch SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR STRAIGHT STC3. You can have make your own perfect wig. If you don't know how to make it, you can contact to us to get advice.

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Written by Eric

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