Are you fond of hair extensions? Why not consider business in the hair extension industry? Demand for hair extensions in Nigerian markets has increased. So the hair extension business is a viable and profitable business in Nigeria. A very good thing about the hair extension business in Nigeria is that it requires less capital to start. And most people can do it. Let King hair extensions blog introduce some notification you need know when starting the hair extension business!

Educating yourself about hair extensions business

There are many hair extensions in the market, you need to know their names, inches and their sources. Because you will have different clients request about hair extensions in Nigeria. Moreover, by understand clearly about the product you can introduce to your customers a suitable product with them. This will help you prove to your customers your level of understanding and updating in business.

Educating yourself  through book

Educating yourself  through book 

Capital Prospect

When you invest 500,000 nairas to buy various types of hair extensions in Nigeria such as human hair, synthetic, lace frontal, wigs, soon. You will have a chance to earn 300,000 naira returns from your investment. A device for you that when you start your business you should start with sell virgin hair wholesale, it only needs small capital.

Sell at an affordable price

Remember that there are many competitors in the hair extension business. Make sure your prices are very reasonable and competitive enough. When you start a business, You should not make huge profits, what you need is to attract more customers. Giving them the best quality at affordable prices will get your customers and keep them for a long time!

Get product directly from manufacturers

If you do not have enough financial capacity to import directly from the factory, you can consider purchasing from some manufacturers such as king hair extensions they only supply natural Vietnamese hair. Even so,  you can get your product at a reasonable price with good quality. In effect, you will be able to give your customers a small discount on product purchase.

A credible brand to start hair extension business

Attractive your customers

Although reasonable prices will help you get more customers, you can attract your customers with some activities such as sale off or have gifts when they buy products in big quantities. For example, when your customers buy 10 bundles 22 inches SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR CURLY SF6they will be given a small gift like 1 bundle 8 inches SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR STRAIGHT STC3. Your customers want to be convinced that there is a difference between you and the other vendors. 

sale off or give a small gift when your customer buy with large quantity

Sale off or give a small gift when your customer buy with large quantity

Hope this can help you have a start successful business hair extensions in Nigeria

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