Many times people have strange beliefs, and sometimes these beliefs are widely circulated without scientific proof. Here are some inaccuracies in Nigerian hair that many people still believe in. Take a look at King Hair Blog today to have a right look about your hair.

1. If you cut your hair often it will grow much faster

One of the most common misunderstandings about Nigerian hair is cutting hair to make it grow faster. In fact, cutting just makes the hair shorter and helps you to get rid of the split end and damaged hair. The split ends of the hair may be cut to make your hair neater. But that does not mean that your hair will grow stronger after cutting, so do not cut your hair often with the desire for your hair longer.

Cutting hair often doesn't make your hair grow faster

Cutting hair often doesn't make your hair grow faster

2. Hair care with expensive medications is better than natural products

Many customers buy extremely expensive products such as HairFinity, Groganics, Shea moisture, Aphogee,...with the desire for long and beautiful hair. There is no denying that these products are good but in my opinion, natural products are always the best for Nigerian hair. In addition, natural products are cheaper and easier to find. As long as you study and care for your hair in a scientific way then your hair will definitely look better with minimum cost.

Expensive products VS Natural herb

Expensive products VS Natural herb

3. Wash your hair much faster

Many Nigerian women think that a lot of shampoos will help hair and scalp clean, allowing hair to grow but the truth is a lot different than what they think. Normally scalp will create a layer of natural oils to moisturize the hair and disinfect, but too much shampoo will lose this natural oil. This makes your hair dry and easy to damage. And I'm sure that this does not help your hair grow faster. One more misunderstanding about Nigerian hair you must notice because washing hair is a daily habit. The small change could make a big impact.

Black girl washing her hair

Washing your hair as schedule will be better

4. Unless you have good genes, your hair cannot grow

Yes, the genes affect the structure of your hair, but I think the real problem for Nigerian women is having bad hair care habits. Nigerian hair is good genes, so the important thing is keeping your hair healthy. Learn to build your own hair care habits, sometimes just simple habits that can make your hair look better.

5. Your hair grows faster if you rub the oil on it as well as on your scalp

 As mentioned above, your scalp can produce its own oil. If your scalp tends to drier than usual, try natural oils like jojoba, sweet almonds, coconut or olives. They absorb easily and do not leave your hair greasy if you use a small amount of them.
Avoid heavy oils (especially on the scalp) as they have a bad effect on the health of hair.

Hair oils is really good, as long as you use it in right way

Hair oils is really good, as long as you use it in right way

6. Using Real human hair extensions will limit your natural hair development

Hair extension brings to you a beautiful look and it doesn't have any bad with your natural hair. Hair extension is also made from human hair so it is actually no different from your real hair. You can take care or make a style with it without a problem. Actually, it has a lot of benefits, like giving you a new look instantly. Human hair extension can be used in a very long time, over 3 years.

If you can find a reputable virgin remy hair supplier, you can get real human hair extension with affordable prices. This will bring to you a lot of benefits that you never think.


There are so many products for your choice in King Hair Extensions Collection

There are so many products you can choose in King Hair Extensions Collection

 Using 3 bundles of hair extensions and 1 closure in natural virgin hair will be enough for one head. And it will bring to you an awesome look and no bad effect to your natural hair.

Using 18 inch SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR FUNMI CURLY SF7 to look beautiful like her

Using 18 inch SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR FUNMI CURLY SF7 to look beautiful like her

Wow, so many misunderstanding about Nigerian hair. Maybe you also think about that before, but let change right now to see what could happen. I'm sure your hair will grow naturally and no need to spend a lot of money.

Written by Eric

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