Vietnam hair extensions is popular in Nigeria market.  Nigerians are at risk of being cheated by suppliers buying Vietnam non-remy hair with price of remy hair. In some case they will sell bad quality hair as high hair which buyer don't know that. With 3 years doing business in hair extensions, King hair extension blogs would like to introduce to you the way to distinguish between non- remy and remy hair. We will help you  have a best choice when buying hair.

What is different  between Vietnam remy and non - remy hair?

Remy hair vs non - remy hair

Remy hair vs non - remy hair

What is Vietnam Remy hair?

Vietnam Remy hair has features such as the direction of the outer shell, which basically means that the hair follicles all move in one direction.

 King hair extenions is 100% remy hair

 King hair extenions is 100% remy hair

Remy hair is collected in a method in which all the hairs stay straight in the natural direction as it grows. When all the hairs are in the same direction there will be almost no tangle and matting (if properly treated). With high quality, the hair collected is healthy, the cuticles intact and all epidermis flows in the same direction from root to tip. This eliminates the common confusion in non-remy hair or low quality, often REMY human hair extensions. It should last for 1 to 2 years with regular maintenance.

What is Vietnam non-remy hair?

Non- Remy hair is usually taken from the floors of temples, salons and casual suppliers, with this method of collection, the direction of the epidermis becomes mixed, causing the tangle trouble.

Non remy hair is very tangle

Non remy hair is very tangle 

To hide the problems that arise with non-wigs, hair suppliers will use harsh chemicals to cut the epidermis completely and then use a large amount of silicone to get the hair back. should be soft and smooth. The hair was soft and soft at first, however, after a few washings, the silicone was smelly and the hair will be tangle.

Why the hair need cuticle

One of the most important mission of the hairs cuticle is to protect the hair, as well as to lock in moisture. because when you buy hair extension , not only you use it immediately but also do hairstyles, excessive brushing, heated tools or simply washing your hair. in the case the hair don't have cuticle, the hair will be effected soon.

For exemple, you want to change from natural straight hair extensions to curly hairstyle. if your hair is non-remy you can't ensure your hair quality; however, with remy hair you can do

How do you know if you have bought remy or non remy hair?

The most simple cachs to recognize remy and non remy hair is that you only need a basin and comb

Dip your hair extensions  in the water and then lift your hair up if your hair can not return to its original direction although you have combeb the hair, do not doubt to  concluse that hair is non remy hair.

By dip your hair extension in water you can realize it is vietnam remy hair or non -  remy hair

By dip your hair extension in water you can realize it is vietnam remy hair or non -  remy hair

King Hair Extensions

With 3 years doing business in hair extension, we are confident enough to confirm that all products of KING HAIR EXTENSIONS are REMY with all cuticles retained and aligned in the same direction. It is 100% natural Vietnam hair to ensure that each and every bundle is silky soft, long lasting and smooth from root to tip. The quality of the hair is of the utmost concern to us, so we manage very strictly the production steps, especially the input of the hair to ensure that the hair is not non remy hair. KING HAIR EXTESIONS is good virgin hair companies in Vietnam.

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King hair extensions products

King hair extensions products

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