Weaving hair is a popular way to add thickness and length to your natural hair. Your weave hair can be made of synthetic material or even natural hair. Although adding a textile fiber to your hair can be easy, but the important thing is how to clean it. In fact, hair weaving often requires more care than your normal hair. How to wash your weave hair extensions properly? Please continue reading this article to know the answer!


1.Hair cleaning 1 time / 2 weeks

Usually, with natural hair, you can wash your hair several times a week. However, with weave hair it is not possible, regular washing of hair will cause the yarn to be damaged by repeated contact with water.

Washing your weave hair extensions every 2 weeks is enough, but ask your stylist for advice if you feel you need to wash regularly or less.

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2 Get the tangle of existing tangles out of your weave hair extensions.

Use a comb with your wide teeth or fingers, taking out any hair. Your weave hair extensions can be broken when tangled, smoothing it out is essential to properly clean. Start by gently pulling tangled strands from the ends of your hair, and slowly do it to your hairline

You must be very sophisticated and meticulous; Natural hair is easy to untangle compared to weaving, and any additional force is likely to permanently damage the weave hair

Avoid your weaving while it is wet, as this may cause damage to the yarn

The wide-tooth comb is your best tool to remove a textile thread. If you have any big knots, gently remove the knots with your hand before gently combing your hair with a comb.

3 Wet your hair with warm water.

Pouring warm water on the head and dividing the hair from the center will help you easily identify the wefts (individual parts of the fiber) in the hair. That way, you won't waste time and it is easier to find out which part of your head you should focus on the most

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4 Give hair a little shampoo.

With weave hair extensions needs more attention and care than your natural hair, as they are not provided with regular nutrients with the same oils from your scalp. Rub some of your favorite shampoos into your scalp; From there, you can gradually apply the shampoo to the top of the hair.
Make sure not to use the traditional circular rubbing method with your weaving, as it causes your yarn to tangle. Carefully smooth the hair from the feet to the tip meticulously.

5 Add a little conditioner to your hair after shampooing.

Give yourself a habit of using conditioner for hair after shampooing with oil; The conditioner is not only good for natural hair but also for textile fibers to make hair more smooth. But avoid directing the conditioner on the legs of the natural hair.
Because too much conditioner can lead to tangles, you should find the right conditioner and for a moderate amount don't overdo it.

6 Dry your hair.

Making sure to dry your hair thoroughly is important when you use a loom. If not, a wet weave fiber poses a risk of mold, which will make your hair smell heavier than before. At the same time, you want to dry enough for your hair to not be at risk of heat damage. There are several ways to do this:
Sitting in front of an oscillating and winding fan from your hair-drying fan is relatively time-consuming, but in the end, it is the safest way to dry your natural fibers and hair.
Hairdryers come with the risk of destroying your hair, but if you need to use a dryer you should remember to keep a proper distance between your hair and your hair about 20-30 cm. Also using an attached diffuser on your hairdryer can also reduce heat damage and allow you to dry hair more gently.

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7 Gently spray the hair with an anti-bacterial spray while drying.

Many people using hair fibers have complained about the smell coming after it has been wet for too long. This is usually caused by the accumulation of mold or bacteria. Buy a relatively inexpensive anti-bacterial hair spray and let your hair spray on your weave hair extensions while you wait.
A beautiful and healthy weave hair will help you to not take time to care for and protect them. To find a hair extensions store or a reputable supplier. King hair extension is the first choice about good weave hair for cheap. Come with us and enjoy the quality of the hair we bring.
You can apply this method to your weave hair extensions. If you have any care or share with our blog. Thank you for reading this article!

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