In Africa, Remy hair extensions are no longer new to girls. You can meet it everywhere. In each country, the weather will be different, this is one of the causes of different hair texture. Some girls have silky hair but the girl has rough hair. What makes such a difference, it's your daily hair care that will determine your "destiny" of your hair.

1.Hair Remy popular in the market

Africa is a big market, with many suppliers looking to sell hair. The woman here is known to be an investor when it comes to hair fashion, they always require top quality weave hair products. Even wig extensions made from Remy hair weaves are quite expensive.

Most raw hair is provided by Asian suppliers like Vietnam, China, India, Malaysia. The texture of hair has many types such as straight, wavy and curly hair. Chinese and Indian suppliers are famous for their cheap long hair. But Vietnamese and Malaysian suppliers are appreciated by customers because of the quality they bring.

If you have ever worked with a Vietnamese hair supplier you will find the natural texture they provide will have a natural and straight wavy form with an intact hair cuticle, with black weave hairstyles, brown or light brown

2.Some things to keep in mind when taking care of Remy hair extensions

The first thing you should do before buying Remy weave hair extensions you need to know what your hair and type are right for you. Refer to some tips for taking care of Remy hair extensions, which we mention below:

You can gently comb your extensions to remove the hair loss but remember not to do it every hour. When you find tangled you should use your finger or a wide-tooth comb to gently untangle. If you brush your hair too hard, it will cause your hair to shed a lot.

Avoid using a hard bristle brush, braiding your hair too tightly will cause damage to the hair cuticle, your hair will be broken vertically. Or hang the extension up if you don't want it to be tangled or you can tie it, braid them up

Choosing a pillow also affects your hair, we recommend choosing silk pillows instead of hard coarse pillows. Make sure not to sleep in hair extensions while it's wet. When you wake up, check if there is any confusion and you should handle it immediately if any.

Washing Remy extensions too much is unnecessary, but seeing dirty hair you should wash it. Or you can schedule to wash the extension at least once / 1 week. Conditioner and shampoo are one Good choice for you. But you need to consider choosing the right shampoo and conditioner for hair extensions

How to dry Remy hair extensions is quite important, with a hairdryer you should stay away from it if you don't want your hair to become drier. Dry the extension by simply patting it to dry itself in the air. Rub the coconut oil regularly to increase the shine to the hair.

Avoid using a hard bristle brush as it can harm the hair cuticle. If not in use or during the night, tie or braid virgin weave hair extensions to prevent tangles. However, be sure not to use elastic bands as it may also damage your hair.

Make sure not to sleep in hair extensions while it's wet. When you wake up, check if there are any troubles and combs if you can handle them right away.

Whether you are planning to buy a hair extension or have bought it, remember to remember some of our virgin hair care tips. To have a nice hair extension is not that important, you must know how to take care of and protect them.

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Hien The Nguyen