Hair dyeing is one of the beauty that girls often do to change their style. However, if you don't take care of your hair carefully the hair will become dry. What should you do now? Read our article on hair care tips color hair extensions today and share it with everyone if you find it useful.

1. Use conditioner and shampoo exclusively for dyed hair

Hair after dyeing will quickly fade due to many reasons such as sun and wind, shampoo, disinfectant in water and temperature ... these agents cause oxidation of the hair. Therefore, the choice of conditioner, shampoo for hair dye is the best way to protect dyed hair. Also, you do not use volatile care products such as alcohol will control your hair easily fade.
Sulfate can make the dye fade very quickly, so you should find a shampoo that does not contain this ingredient. Furthermore, sulfate has salt that can remove moisture from the hair. This is one of the main causes of color fade.

Using dyes with high oil content and Low amount of detergent is best suited for your hair

2. Do not wash your hair often

The amount of natural oil that your scalp releases every day will help keep your hair moisturized. If you wash your hair daily, it will lose the amount of oil that makes your hair dry or make hair fade quickly. 2-3 times shampooing is best for dyed hair

3. Use regular conditioner

For both normal and dyed hair, conditioner is an essential product to provide moisture and restore damaged hair. You should choose the product lines that help smooth silky hair especially dyed hair

4.Wash your head with cold water

Wash your hair and rinse your hair with cold water to keep the hair color more durable. At the same time, cold water makes the hair smoother, unlike hot water that causes hair follicles to hatch dyes that are more easily washed away and hair fibers will be more damaged.

5. Do not wash your hair immediately after dyeing

A basic principle after dyeing hair is not to wash your hair right away because the colorant has not penetrated deep into the hair shaft yet, so the shampoo is washed away immediately, You will not get the desired hair color. Therefore, after 3-4 days is the right time to wash your hair. Also within a week after dyeing you should not go swimming or sunning too long on ultraviolet rays and substances such as chlorine in The pool will affect the hair quality so that the hair is easy to fade. Should choose products to support hair dye to fast hair recovery 

6.Restricted use of dryer

It is best to let your hair dry naturally or to dry it with a fan. Restrict to use the dryer, if necessary you should leave it at the lowest temperature and do not keep the distance between the hair and the dryer. .Because using a dryer regularly and at high temperatures will cause dull hair and oxidation

Hair drying only when absolutely necessary to avoid excessive heat exposure so that the hair is durable. When drying, keep the machine away from hair about 30-40 cm. Natural dry hair should be the best way to care for dyed hair.

7. Add moisture to your hair

Do you know the condition of your hair also reflects your health status? As well as body care, the hair also needs nutritional supplements. Dyed hair is prone to dryness. If the hair loses moisture, the dye will fade faster. The simplest solution is to drink plenty of water and juice to avoid dehydration.

In addition to drinking plenty of water, you can re-hydrate your hair by using moisturizers. Hair moisturizer is an effective way to care for dyed hair, which helps keep hair color longer and evenly colored from head to hairline.

8. Don’t rub your hair too hard when cleaning your hair

People often have a habit of crunching their hair to drain it without noticing that this is a way to damage hair, especially hair after dyeing. Therefore, the best way to dry your hair with a towel is to wrap your hair on your head and let your hair dry naturally.

9. Use a natural mask for dyeing hair

Masks for dyed hair are often prepared from familiar sources such as fruits, powders, oils, or essential oils… Just cleverly choose you will get superhuman masks Nursing for dyed hair.
These types of hair masks have the advantage of providing essential nutrients to the hair while creating moisture to prevent hair from drying out after dyeing and especially to help retain hair color longer.
You can also make your own homemade hair mask from chicken and honey eggs, yogurt, ripe butter and bananas, coconut oil, olive oil ...

10. Limit exposure to direct sunlight

Regardless of the season of the year, the sunshine can fade the hair color. Therefore, you should avoid exposing your hair to the sun for too long and using products that contain hair protection agents from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Hair dyeing is quite time-consuming. However, if you take care of your hair properly, you will get durable colored hair without worrying about the damage

Thank you for reading our article today. Hope this article will help you



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Hien The Nguyen