Tips keeps the natural hair weave extensions color strong and durable.

Tips keeps the natural hair weave extensions color strong and durable.

Do you know how to take care of dyed weave hair extensions? If you don't want faded, frayed hair, keep in mind healthy hair tips! With the right care, you can keep your weave hair extensions shiny and smooth. Here are some effective ways to care for dyed king hair that you need to know to maintain hair color.

1. The secret takes care of properly natural weave hair extensions when dye.

1.1. Take care of newly dyed hair.

Everyone probably knows how to take care of the most basic dyed hair don’t wash your hair right after you dyed your hair. Reasonable washing time is 2-3 days after dyeing.

That will help the color stick on the natural weave hair extensions cells longer, hair is also more durable color. If bad luck you have an allergy to dye, wash your hair as soon as possible. It is best to go to a doctor if the allergy condition gets worse.

1.2. How to wash your hair for dyed hair?

Different from natural pure hair, dyed hair has been affected subjected to chemicals. Therefore, daily shampooing habits must also be changed.

After dyeing your hair, you need to buy special shampoo for dyed hair right away. This shampoo is supplemented with beneficial nutrients while helping care for natural weave hair extensions more color durable.

While washing natural weave hair extensions, wash with cold water instead of hot water. Because, hot water often makes hair color fade quickly, easily losing the natural oils in your hair. The frequency of shampooing should be adjusted down 2-3 times per week. Should gently massage during shampooing, avoid using a strong scratching hand will cause hair to be broken, damaged.

1.3. Haircare healthy after dyeing.

Like skincare, hair needs to be a supply of substances to recover after exposure to toxic chemicals. So, after washing your hair, so add a step use conditioner or incubate the hair with lotion. In particular, it is possible to use balm essential oils to protect the beautiful long natural weave hair extensions more comprehensively.

1.4. How to protect dyed hair from damage and fading.

Taking care of the dye’s hair can’t be effective if only take care and nourish but without protection. Because dyed hair is often sensitive and vulnerable, you need to shield your hair when going out in the sun.

Limit the use of the dryer because the high temperature will cause the natural weave hair extensions to become dull and pale. Encourage to naturally dry hair, gently wipe the hair with a soft cotton towel after shampooing.

In addition, if you go swimming, you should wear a swimming cap that covers your hair. Because the chlorine content in the pool water will make the beautiful hair color faded quickly.

2. Choose care products for dyed hair.

2.1. Shampoo exclusively for dyed hair.

If you dye your hair, do not wash your hair with a shampoo for normal hair. These shampoos are highly bleaching, which will make the hair color fade quickly.

Use specialized shampoo for beautiful dye hair colors, because they contain sulfate to help keep hair color lasting, protect hair from split ends, dry fibers. The choice of dye hair care shampoo also depends on each subject. Specifically:

  • For people who have scalps much oil: use shampoo containing zinc and essential oils containing ingredients from oranges, tangerines, and bodhi.
  • For people who dye hair have dandruff scalp, easy to break: should give priority prefer alkaline shampoos.
  • Dyed hair is dry, fibrous and damaged: prioritize products with high protein content, help restore hair.

2.2. Conditioner for dyed hair.

The choice of conditioner is not the same for each person.

  • For dry, damaged hair: prioritize conditioner containing natural essential oils such as macadamia, jojoba oil and olive oil. These essences will promptly replenish the missing oil, restore damaged hair.
  • For dyed hair have curling: you need to prioritize the foaming conditioner. To better care for curly dyed hair, use a conditioner containing keratin.
  • You should choose the same type of conditioner with shampoo so that they support each other, better protect your hair.

3. Care for dyed hair by natural methods.

3.1. Lemon and honey juice mask.

natural weave hair extensions

  • Ingredients: 5 tablespoons lemon juice, 5 spoons of honey, 1/2 cup warm water.
  • How to do: Mix all the ingredients together.
  • Use: Apply gently to hair and rinse with cold water
  • Apply way to condition this hair dye about 1 time/week to see the obvious improvement.

3.2. Egg white mask, sugar-free yogurt, mayonnaise sauce.

  • ingredients: half an egg white, half a jar yogurt, 1 cup Mayonaise.
  • How to do it: mix all the ingredients together
  • Use: Rinse your hair well, apply the mixture to your hair, massage and incubate for 30 minutes, then rinse your hair and shampoo.

4. How to take care of natural weave hair extensions when bleach.

With brilliant dye colors, or smoky hair, or bright brown hair, women need to go through a hair bleaching process then the new hair color is standard and beautiful. Chemicals in bleach, dyes will affect the natural weave hair extensions deeply so damage is inevitable.

Therefore, you can refer to the use of Olaplex – a chemical compound that has the effect of replicating and strengthening broken links. This compound works to restore hair after bleaching. , minimize damage to hair. Hair needs recovery time after bleaching and dyeing. So, avoid changing hair color too often is the best way to care for bleach hair.

Above are 4 methods of care of King hair extensions natural weave hair extensions when dye. Also, you can see more care articles on blog king hair for more useful information.

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