Wavy hair is a beautiful hairstyle. Waves can support a variety of designs, from gentle to sleek and luxurious. This is a great hair type, but it can also be difficult to care for because it is not straight or very curly. Keeping your hair in shape may not be as simple, you need to know how to wash, style and maintain it properly.
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1. Choose the right shampoo

Choose a shampoo that is produced for another type of hair, such as straight, curly hair that gives your hair the right care. Look for special shampoos specifically for wavy hair that will help your hair become more buoyant. Do not use so much shampoo or shampoo too often. Depending on the degree of greasy or dry hair to choose an appropriate shampoo cycle. We recommend that you only wash 2-3 times/week to remove dirt and oil from the hair.

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The instructions for use depend on the product, but usually, you should massage and rub it all over your hair and then rinse thoroughly. Using a lot of shampoo at the same time can cause build-up in your hair, which can make your hair look dull and limp

A cleansing shampoo may have a drying effect, so a moisturizing shampoo can help restore moisture to the hair.

2. Conditioner is an indispensable choice for wavy hair.

Choose the right conditioner. Along with buying a wavy shampoo, you should also use a conditioner based on your hair type. If you find a shampoo you like, try to find the conditioner that is combined with it. Or else you should choose a  conditioner for wavy hair.

Please sure to use conditioner after each shampoo. Apply the product from the middle of the shaft to the end of your hair, Take the amount of time you leave the conditioner on your hair depending on the label instructions and the degree of damage to the hair.

Use a deep conditioner once a week to provide extra moisture and protection. Deep conditioning gives your hair stronger conditioning than your usual, everyday conditioner, and it should not be used often.

If possible, use heat by sitting under a hooded dryer while deep conditioner sits on your hair. This can help your hair benefit more from the conditioner.

If you are worried about the ingredients in your conditioner like alcohol can dry your hair, look for an organic conditioner.

3. Please rinse your hair with cold water

Rinse with cold water. Warm water is good to use to allow shampoo and conditioner to work on your hair, but it's really bad for your hair. Even if you start with warm water, end with a cold.

4. Avoid chemical impact on hair

Try to stay away from chemical processes such as hair dyeing and chemical relaxation medicine. Chemical processes damage the hair, and it can be difficult to recover from that type of damage. Use organic hair dyes if you decide to dye your hair.

5.Protect your curly hair while sleeping

Put your hair in the bun before going to bed. If you don't plan to style your hair after shampooing, get a bun before going to bed to help maintain the wave. Dry your hair towel, apply a styling mousse, and then put your hair in four twisted buns. This will help you maintain soft curls for the morning.

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6. Cut, trim hair regularly

Cut hair regularly. Using heat, brushing will make your hair split ends. Failure to remove these split ends may cause the tops to split more sharply, which leads to unhealthy hair that you will have to recover. Cut your hair every six to eight weeks to keep your hair strong and long

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The article above gave you some tips to take care of healthy wavy hair that is always smooth and fluffy. Hope this article will help you. Thank you and see you again in another article on our blog

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