In the hair market, there are many suppliers who say that they are offering virgin hair extensions. The seller will understand the product you offer and the buyer sometimes does not know if it is virgin hair. Today we will introduce virgin weave hair  so you can better understand the hair products but we provide

vietnam virgin hair

1. what is virgin hair? 

There are several ways to identify virgin hair. With us, determining that weave virgin hair is collected from a donor's hair and not handled ... Nothing to change hair. It has an intact cuticle. For this reason, the cuticle of the hair will be preserved, not broken. The hair will be extremely strong and smooth.

Where does virgin hair come from? This is a question many users are asking. With so many sources, everywhere I advertise I sell virgin hair but where does it really come from.

Today, most of the original raw materials originate mainly from China and India, because of the large population, it is easy to collect hair. In addition, some countries such as Brazil, Peru, Vietnam are quite famous in the world but the supply is not very big but the quality is highly appreciated. So quality my weave virgin hair products are appreciated.

If you do not have enough money to buy virgin hair extension, we have cheap long weave hair, although it is cheaper the quality still ensures. you can choose it for yourself.

2. How do we get virgin hair bundles

Usually to get the bundle of virgin hair the manufacturer must find to the sponsors who need to sell the hair. Depending on the volume, the length, the cost for the hair bundle is different. Due to limited supply, The common cost of virgin hair is quite expensive.

3. What are the characteristics of weave virgin hair?

 Color from Virgin hair extensions from our country

Hair from our country (Vietnam) only has 2 natural colors: black and dark brown (1b). However, dark brown (1b) is more black and most people here have natural hair color 1b. So when you see a color that is brown or black (very black), you should check it again, Maybe it's dye.

We often use a knife to determine if the hair is dyed. When we use a knife to remove the outer layer of hair, if the powder is white, it means the natural color, if the powder is brown or black means the hair is dyed.

However, some bundles of hair were cut from sponsors who had dyed their hair before and after time it grows over their heads, it still looked beautiful and like normal virgin hair. Many customers from us like this weave virgin hair

 Healthiness of virgin hair

Because unprocessed hair, the fibers of virgin hair are better than other hair types such as Remy hair or non-Remy hair. Therefore, when buying to use, users can freely style, change colors so that the hair but does not lose the value quality of hair. However, remember that you still have to take care of weave virgin hair like your own hair.

 Structure of virgin hair extensions in Vietnam

The texture for virgin hair in our country is mostly straight and slightly wavy. There is also a natural wavy or curly wave but it is very rare. People with curly hair because when they were born, they owned curly hair but for those with wavy hair due to bun habit on the head, after a while, it formed slight wavy

You can see that our hair is mainly collected from women in the provinces from farmers and ethnic people, they often work a lot in the fields or in the mountains so they have to fold their hair when working. That's why hair when they sell it to us, it's a bit wavy.

4. Some hairstyles weave virgin hair from us

Virgin hair straight is product top weave hair of us, 100% Vietnam hair with high quality: full cuticle intact and same direction. his hair you can make it into Blonde human hair products

With light or wavy texture from us is 100% virgin hair. With very wavy or curly, we made it with steam and we call it is curly hair. But we only use steam to create those structures without any chemicals or processing that affects hair quality.

After this article was written in the hope that you have an overview and better understanding of original hair as well as understand the origin of our company products. Not everyone can collect and store original hair because of the scarcity of raw materials. Please select, carefully search for information from reliable sources. When you intend to find a weave virgin hair supplier you should consider choosing the company of us, we will not disappoint you. Wish you have a good decision.


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Hien The Nguyen