Dry, brittle hair. You are disappointed with that! You tried to condition your hair a lot but it still didn't improve much. What makes your hair look like that. Read Vietnam Remy hair's article today, to know what dangerous habits are still "threatening" your Remy weave hair extensions and how to deal with it. Hope you will enjoy our pos

1.Tie your remy weave hair extensions tightly

Bun hair or tie a ponytail tightly, high behind the head for cool is a habit of many girls in the hot summer. However, you do not know that this seemingly harmless habit makes your hair dry, weaker due to the intense pressure on your scalp. Not only that when the hairs are tied and twisted each day, but they can also cause them to break vertically, and as a result, your hair will be weaker and easier to shed.

Tie your remy weave hair extensions tightly

Therefore, you should pay attention not to tie your hair continuously and let your hair fall asleep when you sleep to allow your hair to recover after a long day.

2. Brush your Remy weave hair extensions when wet

When wet, our hair is weak, most vulnerable. Water weakens hair and easily stretches. If you comb your hair when your hair is wet, it will make the bond on the hair break easily, resulting in breakage.


Also, using a comb, especially a thick-toothed comb, will cause broken hair due to impact comb verbs.

To minimize hair breakage thoroughly, you should let your hair dry and then comb. If the hair is too tangled, you should use a wide tooth comb to tighten the body and lightly brush the ends of the hair. This will help to limit friction between Remy weave hair extensions and comb, making hair less broken

3.Regular hair styling

When curling, dyeing hair and high temperature, it makes the hair hot and dries the hair cuticle, making it more fragile. In addition, the use of unknown chemicals, hair structure components can be strongly bleached, causing fibrosis, even dandruff, scalp fungus.

Therefore, you should not style with regular heat instead, should use safer methods for hair.

In addition, you can choose weave hair color to make your hair naturally free of dry, brittle

14 in weave hairstyles

4. Wash your hair improperly

Shampoo - simple ideas everyone knows, but in fact, not everyone knows how to wash their Remy weave hair extensions properly. Many people often wash their hair with hot water, put shampoo directly on dry hair, use their nails to scratch their scalp or rub their hair ... All of these habits can cause hair follicles to hurt, It is easy to cause hair fibers to dry and break. Besides, choosing an inappropriate shampoo, washing an unhygienic shampoo will also affect your hair. The amount of soap residue of shampoo or conditioner left in the hair roots is the "culprit" that makes the hair loose and weak.

To stop this situation there is no other way you should be more restrained when using conditioner, each time only to give a sufficient amount in the palm. In particular, do not apply conditioner directly onto the scalp but only focus on the body and tail.

5. Hair drying mistakes

When you finish washing your hair, your hair is still wet and you want to dry your hair faster and you have to dry your hair for a longer time or use a dryer with too high a temperature. When subjected to the impact of excessive heat will cause hair fibers to be heated and dry hair cuticle makes the hair easily burned and broken.

For safer Remy weave hair extensions, shampoo your hair and dry your hair with a soft towel. If drying, the dryer should be kept at a moderate temperature, when drying, the dryer is 15 - 20cm away from the hair and does not leave the dryer long in one place. You should only dry it until the hair is still moist, then stop to retain moisture

With blonde weave hairstyles because the hair cuticle has been lost So the hair is not as strong as normal hair. Please say no to the dryer to ensure smooth, shiny hair.

Hair care is not too hard but it must be the right way. Don't let wrong habits or misconceptions ruin your hair. A beautiful girl with your favorite hairstyle needs to pocket Hair care tips!

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