Wavy hair extensions human hair - When we do business in hair there are many customers who ask and care about this hair product. So today we will introduce it with some necessary information hoping this article can help you.

1.Bulk Hair and weft hair, closure hair

With wavy hair extensions, we offer 3 types of hair: weft hair, bulk hair, and wig hair. Bulk hair is the original hair that we cut from sponsors, does not produce weft nor does it handle any chemical with this hair type. When customers buy it, they will easily make weft or wig easily depending on customer requirements.
With weft hair, we offer 2 types: weft hair machine, hand-tied weft hair. weft formed by machine and hand tie weft made by hand
Wig hair is a type of wig that is tied by hand with an absolute lace base that passes through the scalp.
With 2 types of wavy hair extensions human hair: natural wavy hair extensions and extend wavy steam hair extensions with wavy real hair extensions like deep wavy
There are 2 types of wavy hair extensions from us: natural wavy hair and steam wavy hair. The difference between them is natural or unnatural wavy. If the hair is naturally wavy, we don't do any processing to create waves, And steam wavy hair we use steam to create waves for hair. Although we don't remove the cuticle when we create wavy steam hair, with wavy here the hair is rougher than the natural wavy hair extensions human hair.

2. Black and brown

Like all hair types from Vietnam Remy hair, wavy hair extensions human hair come in two natural colors: black and dark brown. But with other colors like ombre, light brown, it is dyed by previous sponsors. When cut, it looks like a natural and beautiful color.

wavy hair extensions human hair

- Hair from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Our hair origin from 3 countries: Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia. Vietnamese and Lao hair are the same but Cambodian hair is more coarse (of course, Cambodian hair extensions also have smooth hair but the texture of the hair is different from Vietnamese hair and Lao hair).
The characteristics of wavy hair extensions human hair that we bring are floating, gentle for users and have high aesthetics. With equal waves, there is no overlapping overlap on each other.
-Variety of product lines
We come to you with many different styles of wavy hair extensions human hair. Our natural wavy hair if you own it, you will not have to spend much time keeping waves. Of the hair, however, it may not be as beautiful as the wavy hairstyle that creates a passive.
The wavy structure can be kept for a long time, not loose at all times. With steam, it will be less wave when customers wash it many times but it has never lost the wave.

3. Size from 8 inches to 32 inches

This length is for all hair from us and similar to wavy hair extensions human hair. The most popular length customers like is from 10 inches to 24 inches.

Long wavy weave hairstyles

The length of the hair will be measured when it is straightened from top to bottom.
-Single hair and double hair
We offer wavy hair with both: single hair and double hair and have price lists suitable for retail and wholesale of each of them. However, we prefer more wholesale buyers. We believe you will get the best from us.
-Good quality, reasonable price
The quality of wavy hair extensions human hair from Vietnam Remy hair is extremely good that other suppliers can hardly get. We care and take care of each stage of each product with the criterion "product quality is top". We assure you do not use any kind of chemical, as well as use temperature suitable for hair so the hair structure is not changed so the hair is not changed after production compared to the original
The product quality is good but the price is reasonable and competitive. Please be assured when choosing Vietnam Remy hair
To keep your wavy hair long-lasting, take care of it properly. The length of use of long or short hair depends on how you care. Don't overdo the styling tools too much high temperature will make your hair tangle. Regularly take care of your wavy hair extensions human hair with natural foods.You can consult how to take care of our blog

wavy hair extensions human hair

Try to keep the wave to your hair. Do not use it anymore, you should store it neatly to avoid tangle or stretching.
Above we introduce the wavy hair of our company. You probably understand our wavy hair extensions human hair. If you are in the process of finding a supplier, why not find us? With excellent product quality and good service, we will never let you down
Thank you for reading the article! See you later in the article



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