Nigerian women love human hair extension so much! I have no word to describe their passion with hair. A Nigerian woman can own several set of human hair extensions to use as a substitute when needed. However, never buy your hair extensions according to your senses, list the criteria and consider carefully before buying as a smart customer. Let's find out 4 things you need to care when buying cheap human hair extensions in Nigeria with King Hair Extensions Blog today.

1. Choose The Cheap Human Hair Extensions For Your Pocket

Choosing the right hair extensions is very important because there are a lot of price level on the market. Human hair extensions is definitely more expensive than synthetic hair extension. Let King Hair Extension - Vietnam Professional Supplier explains to you some basic hair types and their feauture:

  • Synthetic hair: Diverse colors and texture, but poor in quality and looks unnatural. Price is really cheap.
  • Virgin Hair: Natural hair, from a donor, original, high quality, has never been treated with chemicals, can be used for long time.A Nigerian woman when carrying virgin hair grades They look more beautiful and attractive. The price is quite high.
  • Remy hair: the hair in one bundle will be arranged in the same direction, from root to tip. This will decide the hair can be tangle fee or not. Especially when it is washed or brushed. Virgin hair is definitely remy, but remy hair may be virgin or maybe have been treated with chemicals.

Human hair extensions vs Synthetic hair extensions

Human hair extensions vs Synthetic hair extensions

The prices of these types of hair vary greatly, so you should consider the benefits that you get with their prices. Finding a great supplier with affordable price is not easy. Maybe you do not have a lot of money but you should try at least one try to buy one cheap Vietnam human hair extensions set because you can use it for a very long time.

 2. Hair Style

Once you have chosen your hair type, the next thing you need to do is choosing the style for your cheap human hair extensions. You need to see what the purpose of buying hair is, like travel or going to the event, ... and which style that you can combine with your clothes.


For example, you are going to travel with your family this summer and you are in love with natural raw curly hair. You should use google and search all your favorite curly hairstyles, be it kinky curly, loose curly or medium curly. Which hairstyle will fit in your suit? Then you choose the length you want, like 18 inch SUPER DOUBLE VIETNAMESE HAIR CURLY SF1 .... It suits the clothes you bought recently, the price of medium-sized hair is not too high, so you have chosen for yourself the hair style you want.

Many kind of hair extensions in King Hair

18 inch curly hair SF1 - 20 inch loose curly SF4 super double - 18 inch closure curly

3. Cheap Human Hair Extensions Source

After considering the full range of factors, your next option is to choose the source of your hair extensions. There are many types of hair in the market such as Brazil, India, Vietnam, China, ... Each hair source will have different characteristics to choose from.

  • Brazil: Strong, large, smooth and glossy hair. But the price for this type of hair if the standard is quite high.
  • India: The hair is big, slightly rough and not as beautiful as Brazilian hair. This type of hair is quite popular in the market but quite diverse in quality.
  • Vietnam: Vietnamese hair is smoother, smoother, but not as bright as Brazilian hair but strong.
  • China: Hair is similar to Vietnamese but dry and stiff. Due to this large market, it is difficult to control the quality of suppliers.

Vietnamese hair is very soft and silk, you will love it at first sight

Vietnamese hair is very soft and silk, you will love it at first sight

4. Choose Your Supplier

There are many ways to choose a supplier for you, depending on the type of hair you like. It is important to find suppliers who have clear, public and reputable information. The more information you find, the better you understand the provider. Especially the reviews from customers about the product, both good and bad. You also need to clarify the vendor's purchasing policies. All of these factors will be weighed against your product's price and affordability.

 Hope these information above could help you choose for yourself a best hair extensions! Thank you!

Written by Eric

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