Recently, many customers asking me that did true shampoo work well for hair care, why do they usually buy expensive hair care products but they receive the result that they don't expect. What is the main reason? Let check our post in the King hair extensions blog today.

1. How many kinds of shampoos product in the market now?

There are many shampoos available on the market today. For example, shampoos for oily hair will have a PH rating higher than 5.5, The oil is secreted on your scalp after a day of work and active motivation. In addition, if you regularly bend the dye, the line of shampoo products for damaged hair with the ability to add acid to help balance the PH on the skin and hair will be very useful.

It is essential to choose a shampoo to find out the composition of the product, natural shampoos such as chrysanthemum, lavender, mint ... are always good and Safe for your sensitive scalp. In addition, do not forget to check the list of artificial chemicals found in shampoos to avoid using products containing harmful chemicals that affect the long-lasting shine and health of your hair. Thick, curly hair: You should choose moisturizing shampoos for hair that contains avocado, fats, coconut oil, lard because thick and curly hair is usually dry.

1.1-  Hair oil, soft: You should choose shampoos containing panthenol active substances that will help hair less oil, become thicker, stronger.

1.2 - Dry, broken hair like Curly hair, Wavy hair: Do not use shampoo containing Sodium Sulphate, use shampoo containing many nutrients to nourish hair like butter, oil, and lanolin, vitamin E.

1.3-  Normal Hair like vietnamese long hair : You can use shampoo for normal hair. But use conditioner to help nourish and protect healthy hair.

2. Top tips to choose shampoo suitable for Vietnamese hairstyles

The shampoo has the effect of cleansing the scalp, nourishing, hair care. But in fact, there are dozens of shampoos with different brands, even with a very different brand. So in the hair care category this time, please with Vietnam Remy hair company choose which oil is best for your hair?

Please refer to the shampoo and conditioner shampoo instructions for the 4 hair types below.

2.1. Shampoo and conditioner have gone through many folds, dyes.

Adding moisture is the secret of beautiful hair care for dyed, bent and stretched hair. With these types of hair, the hair usually contains oil, but the tops and hair are dry. So choose the shampoo for this type of hair should be very careful. You want to reduce the amount of oil on the roots of your hair, but you want to add moisture to your body and hair. Some of the ingredients in shampoo are for these types of hair:

2.1.1. Hair Dye: It is advisable to use a color shampoo that contains less detergent than conventional shampoos and which contains color-protecting compounds of the hair.

Hair bending and stretching: Most shampoos have dietary supplements. Nutrition is good for all types of hair, but it only penetrates the roots and rubs the skin. You should pour palm shampoo, massage oil from the legs to the tip of the hair. You massage gently to remove dirt on the scalp and relax, then rinse the shampoo. If you want to use conditioner, rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

2.1.2. Nutrition Condition: For this type of hair should use oil with a lot of hair conditioner. But avoid balancing oils that contain silicon, which will cause the hair to quickly lose color.

Note: The distance between shampoos should be far apart, avoiding dry hair. You can wash and then dry.

2.2. Shampoo for dry, stiff and broken hair.

Avoid shampoos and hair straighteners that contain sodium sulfate and nutrient-rich ingredients (butter, fat, and lanolin).

Nutrition Conditioner: Like other hair types, dry hair needs extra moisturizing oils. You should look for moisturizing oils that contain ultra-moisturizing fatty liver.

2.3. Choose a shampoo for thick and curly hair.

People with curly hair are mostly dry hair. The reason is that the amount of oil on the hair is difficult to penetrate to the hairline just like straight hair. Creams, shampoos, moisturizers for hair are best suited to this type of hair. You should look for shampoos containing butter, fat, coconut oil and lard.

Oil Conditioner: You should look for products containing cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol, panthenol and methionine, silicone and dimethicone, or essential oils and plants such as pears and jojoba seeds.

Note: You should not shampoo too many times in a week. With curly hair, you just lightly wipe your hair, the hair will be curly and tangled. Instead of shampooing a lot, you can moisturize your hair and use conditioner,

2.4.  Combine shampoo with conditioner to make hair healthy

Hair care with suitable conditioner In addition to shampoo, conditioner is a hair conditioner that supports you in the process of hair care to be soft and healthy. However, not all types of hair conditioner can be used for all types of hair. You need to determine your hair type to find the right one. With soft and thin hair, a low-nutrient product is a must. A large amount of conditioner that combines a lot of nutrients will make the hair sticky and thin hair defects become more visible.

In contrast, if you have ruffled hair, conditioner-rich conditioners are the right choice. Essences in hair conditioner will help hair become more soft and shiny. If you are worried that your hair is dry and split, do not skimp on top-of-the-line nutrient oils to improve your hair and scalp. In particular, you should apply the hair care concentrated in the root of the hair to minimize split ends, hair care, protection of the hair shaft is not dry and weak.

Hope with our article, you will get more useful information about choosing the right shampoo for your hair. Don't forget to join our website regularly to get more information to take care of Vietnamese hair extensions. Thank you.

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