Straight hair is always a hot hairstyle, whether it's natural hair or weaving hair. On the catwalk, it is indispensable for long straight hair, especially the straight middle hairstyle. Straight hair represents an elegant feminine look but no less aristocratic. However, maintaining straight hair is not easy. Our tips today will help  you to keep your straight weave human hair always silk

straight weave human hair

1. Shampoo daily. Should or not?

The concern of all women is that the frequent washing of hair, chemicals in shampoos can damage your hair. As we all know hair is just like our bodies face thousands of dirt every day, so it takes care and cleaning every day. In the shampooing process, it is not necessary that you scrub too much, just gently rub it with your hand so that the dirt hidden in the hair is cleansed.

2. How to Choose a conditioner

Rinse your straight weave human hair every day to increase the moisture in your hair. When choosing a shampoo, you should choose a conditioner with that type. Depending on the type of hair conditioner, you should give an appropriate amount of conditioner to not overdo it. Use your hands to massage gently from your feet to the ends of your hair

straight weave human hair

3. How to choose the comb Give appropriate

Not all combs should be combed into your hair, choose a wide-tooth comb instead of using a comb with tight-fitting teeth that will squeeze and stretch the hair to make it more vulnerable. When it is wet, when it is wet, the hair is at its weakest. It is very important that people do not pay attention to the hygiene of their combs to avoid the dirt from the comb sticking to the hair. This is one of the reasons for dirtying your straight weave human hair.

straight weave human hair

4. Is balm good for hair?

Hair is just like the body wants to maintain beauty, health, nourish long hair and regularly use suitable hair care products. straight weave human hair is not provided with nutrients from the scalp like natural hair. You have to find a solution to nourish your hair. The balm is a good choice for hair that adds moisture and shine to the hair. A little moisturizing oil on the hair will limit dry hair.

5. You should trim your hair often.

Many people think of hair trim as stimulating hair growth, but it is not the case. Hair is only 1-2cm / 1 month long, whether you trim or not. Trim hair will only help you remove split ends so that your hair will grow stronger and smoother. Regularly trim your hair for beautiful, healthy hair.

6. Limiting the heat impact on straight weave human hair

Avoid the heat effect on your hair, because the heat will destroy your hair. Stay away from the dryers, if necessary use you should keep a proper distance between the hair that dryer, apply some hair protection to minimize damage.

7. Supplement keratin to hair shiny, strong, increase elasticity.

Keratin – A major constituent of hair, accounting for 70% of the hair's structure, helps hair shine and resist environmental impacts and adverse external conditions. Keratin, when applied to the hair, fills the damage of rearranging damaged hair structure, making the straight weave human hair stronger from the core of the hair, increasing elasticity and shine. Note, when using Keratin you will not be doing any other chemical effects on hair for at least 6 months later.

straight weave human hair

This is how we take care of our hair weaving products and it's more effective than expected. We share it with you to you and our customers know how to maintain straight weave human hair is smooth and strong.

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Hien The Nguyen