Dyeing hair extensions will be very vulnerable because you have "loaded" chemicals into the hair. If your hair is dyed in many colors, then the damage is certain, your hair extensions will be dry, fibrous, look lacking vitality. So how to take care of dyeing hair extensions to have both good hair and beautiful hair color? Let King Hair Extensions share with you some small tips.

Please refer to some tips below for you to apply for your hair extensions at home:

- Only washing your human hair extensions three days after dying, avoid shampoo immediately after dye from the brand. But if your skin is allergic to the dye chemical, then shampoo immediately to overcome this condition. That will keep the new color sticking to deeper layers of hair cells, which will help hair color last longer.

- Use shampoo and conditioner for each type of hair. Choose right shampoo only using for dyeing hair extensions. Normal shampoos often discolour and make the hair become rough, less smooth.

Women really like to dye their hair because it makes them more beautiful

Women really like to dye their hair because it makes them more beautiful

- Should wash your hair with cold water, do not wash with hot water because the hot water causes the hair color to fade and the hair is much weaker. Cold water will keep new color longer and not lose the gloss of hair.

- Using a hair dryer will make your hair look dull and faded. It is best to leave your hair naturally dry. If you have to dry the hair, do it at the minimum temperature and no need to make it too dry. If possible, let your hair dry naturally.

- Wearing a hat when exposed to sunlight can protect your hair extensions from oxidize.

- The dye chemical does not help your hair more gloss and smooth, they only help hair color is different. It is most likely that after dying, the hair will become dry and split more. Applying masks twice a week will help you improve some of the above problem.

- Trim your hair twice a month, it also helps you avoid of split ends or hair loss.

- Choose shampoo with "Color protective" on the label, with gentle ingredients, it will remove dull dirt of the hair, make the hair color does not fade, protect the best hair and avoid making your hair hydrated.

- Choose a high-moisturizing oil when using for your hair extensions to protect your hair color.

Choose right hair care product for your dyeing hair extensions is also important

Choose right hair care product for your dyeing hair extensions is also important

- Dyeing hair extensions are affected by the chemicals, so when using nutrients on the hair you should be gentle and careful with the time needed to achieve the best effect. When shampooing and conditioning your hair, you need to arrange the time so that you do not have to go out until it has done, as it damages your hair and hair color.

- Choose products that do not contain Ammonia, Peroxide, and Alcohols. The products that contain that ingredient will make the cuticle open and change the hair color.

- To rebalance the state of your hair, you should add two tablespoons of dye chemicals to shampoo, made every month. Each time you just let it last for 3 to 5 minutes and then lightly wash over warm water to give more color to the hair.

- Use moisturizing ingredients for your hair before going out. This way, each strand of hair will be covered with a layer of nutrients that increase shine and softness for the hair. This moisturizing conditioner not only protects the hair from ultraviolet light but also recovers damaged hair.

So many things to take care, for better, you can order color hair extensions directly from the supplier. King Hair Extensions has a lot of choice for you: from hair extensions with natural colors like black, brown, dark brown, light brown, bleach color like color 43, ombre color,..With 3 years supplying in Nigeria market, we suggest you straight hair super double drawn in ombre color, it is the Best-selling vietnam human hair product in 2017.

Ombre color hair from King Hair Extensions

Three bundles of 18 inch super double Vietnamese hair and one 18 inch closure 4x4 ombre are enough for full head

 Order color hair directly always better because the supplier has the technology to dye hair extension in the right color without damaging the hair. And the color will also keep for a long time than normal. It has no bad effect to your natural hair, that is the best thing. The best virgin hair companies in Viet Nam King Hair Extensions can guarantee our hair quality with all customers.

Contact us to have the best color hair for yourself. Thank you for visiting Vietnamese Hair Blog today!

Written by Eric

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