Hair extensions & things you don’t know about weave hairstyles extensions

Hair extensions & things you don’t know about weave hairstyles extensions

 Weave hairstyles extensions is an indispensable accessory for all women because of the great advantages that it brings: flexible use,  easy change of hairstyle or hair color, …With Vietnamese hair extensions, you will also get more benefits from using it. With many years of experience in the market, today we are willing to share these benefits with you.

1. First, we will explore the hair extension market with you.

According to statistics, about 50% of women in the world are using hair extensions is natural weave hairstyles. The main supply of hair in the market comes from some countries in South America (Brazil and Argentina), Russia, China, India, and some European countries (Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan). The natural weave hairstyles from these countries all have their own characteristics.

For example, natural weave hairstyles from South America are big, strong and sleek; Indian hair is dry, hard, not bright, but very strong; Chinese hair is glossy but the yarn is thin and dry.

Because of the differences in characteristics, the price of these hair types is different. Natural weave hairstyles from Russia has the highest price because of its good quality, natural, healthy hair color, very different from other countries’ hair. European hair is a bit cheaper. The cheapest hair is from India and China but the hair quality is not guaranteed.

Currently, these markets are gradually saturating with each other due to the impact of price and quality of hair suppliers that no longer meet consumer demand as before. This also motivates consumers to reach other markets in terms of price and quality that match them perfectly.

With the emergence of many markets is also the cause of competition between hair extensions suppliers. In addition, due to the psychological impact of consumers who want to buy cheap hair, many suppliers have sold low-quality natural weave hairstyles products but delivered sold them in the form of high-quality products.

This factor not only creates uneven competition between markets but also causes confusion for many consumers who do not know which suppliers to put without being cheated.

2. Kinds of weave hairstyles extensions.

There are three main types of natural weave hairstyles on the market: straight, curly and wavy hair. Each type has a variety of colors and the length of weave hair is different.

22-inch Weave Remy Hair Extensions - Steam Wavy

In addition, each category has a different price. In it, the cheapest could talk about is straight hair. With types different, the more complex the process of creating products, the higher the price.

Besides, each type is divided into different types. This creates a rich variety of products, consumers have more opportunities to choose the right product. Moreover, natural weave hairstyles are now the most popular and many people choose to use it to replace real hair.

3. The important thing we want to emphasize in this article is Vietnam's weave hairstyles extensions.

Today when the hair supply market has many dramatic changes. In addition to the old markets, there are more new markets, especially the market of Vietnam hair supply.

Natural weave hairstyles in Vietnam will be a smart choice for you because of the benefits that it brings to customers.
Vietnam hair extensions are one of the high-quality and nice weave hair types on the market. All hair collected from the real hair of Vietnamese women has a habit of using natural products for hair care. Therefore, Vietnamese natural weave hairstyles are Remy's hair originated 100% human hair.

If you compare the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions with other types of hair on the market, you may find that Vietnam hair extensions have better quality than many hair suppliers from India or China.

If Indian hair is dry and hard, Chinese hair is smoother and glossy than Indian hair, but the fiber is thin and dry, the quality of Vietnamese hair is more stable than Chinese hair.

In addition, you will find that Vietnamese hair extensions products have a price that suits the consumer’s ability. Best price and best quality.

Vietnam hair market is emerging in recent years because of raw hair, natural quality, natural colors. There is no technology that uses chemicals to beautify hair as some other suppliers can do. The true value of hair extensions in Vietnam is in the natural hair.

Vietnamese hair is often bought by Russian and European wholesalers who buy to bleach blonde or bought by Americans, African buyers, especially in Nigeria, Cameroon, … often buy in bulk only for sale again.

Have you chosen your supplier's natural weave hairstyles yet? If not, please try our company. We will definitely never let you down. Thank you for reading and following our article. Stay tuned and support our next articles in the next time.




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