You don't know how to distinguish between human hair extensions and synthetic fibers. Read our article  let you have an insight into both synthetic hair and human hair, and help you choose what's best for you

1. The material of human hair extensions and synthetic fibers

Real human hair is made from 100% hair of healthy women. Another important feature is that most of the hair is virgin, untreated, and free of chemicals, all the cuticles are intact. When carrying it there will be no reaction or allergy to the scalp. Human hair extensions are comfortable to wear unlike synthetic fibers produced and processed through chemical substances so when used it can cause allergies.

Human hair extensions
Another thing that can happen when using artificial extensions is scalp itching or even reproductive fungi there. The synthetic extension does not allow your scalp to breathe properly and that can lead to discomfort and accumulation of moisture and sweat.
Furthermore, human wigs are collected from a single donor, silky not hard and heavy when wearing synthetic fibers

2. Their appearance

Real hair is made from human hair, so it will float and soft with natural color. If properly cared for, it will be kept for 2-3 years. After a period of use, colors fade over time. Real hair gets color through exposure to natural light, which artificial hair cannot have

 3. The flexibility of human hair extensions

Another important feature is that wigs made from human hair allow for great flexibility. Wigs made from real hair can withstand temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius and remain the same structure. styling tools are like your own natural hair. So you can freely create different hairstyles every day. In less than five minutes you "turn" your face and charisma with beautiful hairstyle matching. Not only that, but it is hard for others to recognize that you are wearing a wig If you don't tell them to know

4. Ways to distinguish real hair extensions and synthetic fibers

4.1 Burn

The difference between human hair and synthetic fibers is the smell when exposed to fire and fire resistance. When burning on real hair there will be a burning smell and hair made from synthetic fibers has a very unpleasant smell of plastic.

As for the ability of fire-resistant real hair, it is more likely to burn best and shrink when near fire and very difficult to burn. Fine synthetic flame retardant ability will burn when near fire. After burning ash of hair, people can dissolve  also synthetic fiber ash will be lumpy

4.2. Use styling tools

You can check with a hair styler. Just adjust the temperature of the machine above 220 degrees Celsius and stretch it 5-6 times with real hair. Basic synthetic fibers made from plastic imagine what happens when stretching it, those hairs will curl and will melt.

4.3. Why should you choose human hair extensions?

Compared to synthetic fibers, human hair is more beautiful, soft, and floppy. Designs can vary depending on users' preferences. Just buy a straight hair with real human hair you can create. many shapes that I love without worrying about fading and melting. Synthetic fibers are produced by chemical materials, very prone to ruffling, and color will fade after a while.

Synthetic fibers may be cheaper, they can only be used for a few months. after using them for a while they will be bent, you will have to buy new ones more often and you will pay a lot of money for poor quality extensions. That's why we always recommend using human hair extensions you do not have to worry about the problem of being bent or fading

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As a woman who loves fashion and beauty, you should know how to choose a product that is better for yourself, then choose to connect real human hair. A beautiful hair will help you become confident and more charming

Thank you for reading the blog. See you tomorrow with another useful post! And please contact Vietnam Remy hair when you need to buy hair extension

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