Do you want long, soft hair? But you have to wait at least 2 years to have long hair. While waiting for your hair to be as long as you want, you can choose for yourself the hair extensions. There are many different hair extensions. To choose the right hair extension that suits you on the market trend is very important. What is the hot hairstyle extension on the market?

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1.Straight hair

1.1 What is straight hair

Straight hair is silky hair. This is a simple hair for easy styling. It is not processed through any chemical. Straight hair has never been outdated, it is a symbol of gentle girls

  With two natural colors, black and dark brown, you look charming and luxurious. If you want to be younger and more active, you just need to dye another color, you will become more attractive

To avoid boredom, you can change its style to a variety

1.2 Kinghairextension's straight hair

Natural straight hair is our strong product and it is the best choice for customers who are looking for straight hair because our hair is collected from a single donor in rural and mountainous Vietnam.

With a full cuticle, not processed, just wash and create weft before selling so it's good for those looking for 100% virgin hair for bleaching, dyeing and restoring.

With naturally straight hair, length from 6 to 32 inches

With a straight weave hairstyle, you can make it wavy or curly with steam

However, you may find that hot weather makes natural straight hair often split ends, so we often have to remove hair before selling if customers require it.

2.Hair wavy

2.1 Do you know what wavy hair is?

Wavy hair is wave curls, which have a gentle shift like a wave. The length of each wave is very diverse, depending on the needs of each subject. Wavy hair creates a flutter that gives a light feeling.

 This hairstyle is the girl, especially the favorite star... The wavy hairstyle makes your hair flutter to help the girl look gentle and feminine

 If you have thinning hair, perhaps this is your best choice because this hairstyle makes your hair more buoyant. If you own this hair, you can try ombre dyeing that will give you a smoother and softer feel.

With wavy hair, it fits the oval face because your face becomes lighter and more buoyant. When you have natural ripples, remember to take care of them carefully. For hairstyles, remember some principles:

Use shampoo and conditioner suitable for hair care

Brush your hair properly

2.2. Wavy hair comes from us

Wavy hair extensions are one of our company products. We offer natural wavy hair and steam from Vietnamese natural virgin hair.

Natural wavy style: It is made from natural wavy hair of humans

Wavy steam: It is made of wavy hair with hot steam so its design is more beautiful than natural wavy hair, including body wavy, deep wavy or loose wavy .. You can choose it for your hair weave extensions

3.Curly hair

3.1. First, you need to understand what curly hair is?

  Besides natural ripples, curly hair is also the hot hairstyle of girls today. As well as wavy hair at a floating level but curly hair looks more ruffled due to its curvature small and tight. With this hairstyle, it brings youthfulness and dynamism to you. Curly hair is one of the top choices of long-haired girls. It helps you not boring!

With different lengths of hair, proper curling styling is indispensable. Curly hair is not only suitable for long hair, but also for short hair that gives the girl personality.

Curly hair is usually more dry and tangled than straight hair, so you need to take care of it carefully after shampooing. You should limit how often you wash your hair, and use products to keep your hair moisturized. If your face is oval, you'll fit this hairstyle.

3.2. Our curly hair

Besides the straight and wavy weave, you can find curly weaves in Vietnamese Remy hair company.

The curly weave hairstyle you can choose for your weave hair extensions like curly or kinky curly. All curly weaves are made from Vietnamese hair: No shedding, no tangle and no odor with short to long size.

With a double weaving line and multiple weaving lines, it will be solid without peeling off during your use of the extension.

I hope that you will choose the right hairstyle for you! Thanks for the readings and interest in our article. Stay tuned and support our next articles. In the next article, I will give you much other useful information about hair

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