Things you should know about lace closure

Things you should know about lace closure

Because we received many questions from our customers about lace closure products, today we decided to write a blog post to answer customers' questions. What is Closure? How to protect them like? Follow us in the article below. Let’s go !!!
Some customers say after using extensions, they have trouble with their hair weaving, because they may have mixed their hair extensions with their natural hair. What is the main issue here? It is the color and texture of the hair extension, unlike their hair. That is why the closure came on the market and became a hot product. With the closure, you can stitch directly into hair or make wigs easily.

1. What is a lace closure?


The closure is a piece of hair, with a length and width of only a few inches. It is usually made of a net and sewn around. On the market today, there are two types of closures, lace closures, and silk closures

2. What are the benefits of closures?

The benefit of closure is that it can be directly blended with their natural hair. It does not take much time. But in case they don't want to mix with nature, they can make it into a wig without difficulty making it. Because it is easy to install and makes it look natural like our hair.

Just a small piece, it can help the stylist or yourself save more time to make wigs or put hair into the head. Your job is just to put the thread at the top of the head, sew on it and make sure the position of the lace is correct.

3. What is the most common problem you will encounter enclosures?

For each company, they will have different closure. Some companies, close by hand, but others make it by machines. So there will be differences between the types of closures. Even if you use lace closures or silk closures, the most common problem you will encounter if you are not careful, it will be prone to balding. Bald closing occurs when a point on your closure loses its hair. So the important things you can do to prevent this problem as soon as you buy it

4. What can you do to protect your closures:

.(1) Be gentle with it:
Do not do anything with your closures like tugging, scraping or rough handling. These are the main causes of bald closure
(2) Gently brush your closure.
When you comb your hair, do it gently, it is better to use a wide-toothed comb. Gently hold the hairline and gently spread from top to bottom.
(3) Be careful when applying with hair products
When using hairdryers and styling tools, you should pay extra attention in hair care. Hot heat will cause closures to be damaged if you are not careful. It is necessary to limit the chemical effects on the hair, strong chemicals will make the closure become fragile.

 (4) Store separately inboxes

Storing closures separately inboxes is important if you need to avoid damage to your closures. When the lace closure comes in contact with the elements or rubbed against other objects, the closure will be damaged. And this is one of the main reasons closure is worse

(5) Clean up your closing piece:

 For a more natural look, the closure of the hair closure consists of small black buttons that allow the hair to connect with the lace. Therefore, it will easily become bald if you do not pay attention to it. You do not use much force to stretch it
After 10-14 days, you can wash your hair, which is important for healthy hair. When you wash your hair, you should uninstall, and rinse with warm water and condition it. Wait for it to really dry before using it again

5. Where can I find out about closed settings? I was a new person

If you are a newcomer, you do not know how to install the closure. You just need to search online for videos on youtube or google for specific instructions.
Closing is a new product but it will be a trend-following product in the future because of its good features. Do not hesitate, just find a good supplier and own a closed one, you will love it the first time you use it.
Here are some things to do with lace closures, don't forget or share our post if you like it. With over 5 years to sell hair extensions, we know what your needs are.



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