The concept of Vietnamese hair

The concept of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair The best choice if you are looking for Virgin Hair
What is Vietnamese hair? How does it look?? Please join us to solve the questions right in the article below.

vietnamese hair

1 The concept of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is most famous for its softness. Another important feature is that most hair is virgin, untreated and free of chemicals, all the epidermis are intact. Because hair is collected from a single donor in many rural and ethnic minority areas in Vietnam.
Vietnamese hair has 2 natural colors: black and dark brown. With essence is thick, strong, healthy but very silk, soft and shining. Therefore, it suits for blond or dyed hair and you do not worry that the texture is broken
Vietnamese natural hair is healthy and shiny. Vietnamese Hair brings the best quality you've ever seen. If you want to get the best hair, Vietnamese hair is the first choice.

2 How many kinds of weave hair extensions on the market

Weave hair extensions was made from natural virgin hair. Vietnamese virgin hair weave has 2 texture is natural hair and steam hair

2.1 Natural hair

Natural hair hasn't been altered by chemical straighteners, including relaxers and texturizers. The natural texture of Vietnamese hair is more at straight, then wavy
Straight hair
Straight, shiny and smooth hair is always the trend because it looks beautiful on all types of faces. In addition, straight hair can be freely worn or styled in many ways. It is a natural hair product, does not use any chemicals. Hair goes straight down without tangling or shedding when you comb your hair.

vietnamese hair
Natural wavy
Natural wavy hair is always the most popular hairstyle for women. Natural wavy hair is also a natural hair, wave underneath the body to create the smoothness of hair when you use it. Natural wavy hair is being loved by many customers. Our Vietnamese hair natural wavy hair is our best selling hair product.

vietnamese hair
2.2 Steam hair

Steam hair using moist heat to open the hair follicles, helping curlies with low porosity hair
Deep wavy hair
Deep wavy hair seems natural, it's from Virgin hair. Deep wavy patterns allow you to create an amazing wavy hairstyle or brush through for a style inspired by nature.

Loose curly hair
Loose curly is a frizzy hair product but long curls form a bun.

vietnamese hair

                                        18 inches curly hair 

 Curly hair
Vietnamese curly hair is a product that uses steam to hold each strand of hair, curly hair is rolled into each other, joined together without tangling in it, the hair is combed out easily. More and not blocked by any obstructions.

3. Some tips to help you choose the right hair.

Before buying, you should carefully consider the supplier you plan to cooperate with. You can find all the information about the product, type, origin or customer feedback about the product so it can confirm it. It is offering prestige
Write down your request details about the product: hairstyle, style, color, and size for the seller. This will help you get the product you like, in accordance with the criteria you set
Hopefully, the information I have just given you will help you to know more about Vietnamese hair to give to your customers in the future.

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