The difference between non-remy hair and remy hair

The difference between non-remy hair and remy hair

You are the one who always wants to own a beautiful hairstyle. But you afraid of meeting Non-Remy hair suppliers and selling them with Remy hair prices. Meanwhile, you don’t know how to distinguish Non-Remy hair and Remy wavy hair extensions. With years of experience, Today King hair extensions will help you distinguish them. Let's go

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1. First, you have to understand what is Non-Remy hair, Remy wavy hair extensions?

1.1. What is Non-Remy hair?

Non-Remy hair is usually collected from random stores and suppliers. Therefore, the orientation of the outer epidermis of the hair is often messy, not in accordance with the correct texture of the hair.

With this type of hair collected by this method, it is common for Remy hair providers to go through the process complex. That is tangled filtering, to rearrange the order and direction of the hair texture before going into production.

With Non-Remy suppliers, they want to skip this stage to save money. They will use chemicals to remove the outer structure layer – the protective cutin layer and replace it with the silicon layer makes the hair looks smoother. This outer silicon coating is usually resistant to very low external influences compared to the original cuticle.

1.2. What is Remy wavy hair extensions?

Remy wavy hair extensions have characteristics hair follicles all go in one direction. Remy’s hair is collected at reputable facilities and by the method in which all hairs hold straight in the natural direction when it grows. With this method, the hair will not be tangled.

Remy wavy hair extensions

18 inch wavy hair extensions

The hair is usually healthy, smooth and shiny, the outer epidermis is intact. All the epidermis flows in the same direction from the root to the tip and has not been exposed to chemicals that are harmful to the hair. This eliminates the common problems of non-Remy hair or low quality. Usually Remy wavy hair extensions, which can be used for a long time if taken care of well.

2. Hair quality.

Non – Remy is also human hair but the hair quality is not good because it has been removed from the outer cutin layer and replaced with silicon. This silicon layer is resistant to heat and poor chemicals.

When undergoing bleaching, dyeing plus the use of improper heat the outer silicon layer will peel off so that the hair loses its shine and strength. If the silicon layer is removed after a period of bleaching, the hair structure will break and the hair will return to the original tangle.

Remy wavy hair extensions

Remy wavy hair extensions because the hair structure is not changed, the outer layers are preserved. So the hair has the ability to bleach, dye and have great heat resistant.

With Remy wavy hair extensions you can bleach, dye with your favorite colors, less worry about hair structure changes. Remy hair usually has a long shelf life if you combine proper hair care. The big feature of Remy’s hair is that it is possible to change the wavy hair weave hairstyles as you like. You also be able to restore the original state much better than Non-Remy hair.

3. About prices.

You should keep in mind that regular cheap hair suppliers will sell Non-Remy hair but they will never tell you that. They will always talk to you “we sell cheap, high-quality hair”. Non– Remy’s hair is sold at a very cheap price in the market. It is much cheaper than Remy wavy hair extensions.

Currently, there are many suppliers of Non– Remy hair on the market and one of the most typical ones is china suppliers. Their prices are very cheap because they sell Non-Remy hair. So usually, their customers will rarely return to order after the first purchase.

 Remy wavy hair extensions

For Remy wavy hair extensions, the price is higher than non-Remy hair. However, the hair quality is very good, the usage time is long and always gets the trust of consumers.

The price of Remy’s hair is high but it is not so high that consumers cannot afford it. It is tall but perfectly suited to the affordability of each subject. Each item has a price and Remy hair type that suits them.

4. How to care.

Normally Non – Remy’s hair buys with cheap price but the money to take care of it after a long time of use is expensive. Especially when the hair has gone into the phase of removing the outer silicone coating. It will take a lot of time, effort, and money to restore the hair, to remove, rearrange the hair in the right direction of the hair.

For Remy wavy hair extensions, you have to spend less money and care time. You only need to regularly provide the necessary nutrients to prevent damaged hair after a special period of use that you should take appropriate care after each time you use heat, or use hair chemicals.

Above, the way Vietnamremyhair brings you can distinguish non- Remy hair and Remy wavy hair extensions. After reading this article, you probably know how to differentiate these 2 types of hair. Thank you for following our article. Please continue to monitor and support the following articles by our company. It certainly does not disappoint you.



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